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New Indoor Kart Track Layout at K1 Speed Seattle!

We are pleased to announce that K1 Speed Seattle in Redmond, Washington has a brand new track layout! One of the benefits of our track barrier system is that we can easily reconfigure our indoor go kart tracks, which keeps the racing experience at K1 Speed fresh and exciting, and allows our regular customers to face new challenges. The track layouts at our Southern California indoor karting centers were changed in July, and now that January has come around, it was time for our indoor go kart track in Seattle to get a rebirth!

New Track Layout at K1 Speed Seattle

New Track Layout at K1 Speed Seattle

The track layout in Seattle is unlike that of any other K1 Speed indoor karting center; if the indoor go kart tracks in Southern California are akin to Grand Prix racetracks, then our new track in Seattle is like a Rally special stage! The layout is tight and technical, meaning the driver must be completely focused at all times. While many of our tracks allow the driver to take a breather while cruising down the front or back straight-away (this can be dramatically illustrated on our Super Tracks, which are some of the largest indoor go kart tracks in the country), the Seattle track offers no such luxury! The corner combinations must be taken perfectly in order to set a competitive time, and the racer must have sharp reflexes as the polished surface in Seattle (unlike our asphalt and etched concrete surfaces elsewhere) provides plenty of kart drifting opportunities!

If you are a regular guest at our Seattle indoor kart racing facility and would like to experience it in a whole new light, we invite you to come down and race our high performance electric karts on our new track layout! We think that the new layout is a blast and we’re confident that you’ll agree!

  • John Tobias

    “January, 2010, K1 Speed is new again!”…or so it seems with your new layout! I’m looking forward to telling men and women at our local Armed Forces bases (i. e. Fort Lewis, Navy Station Everett, Naval Base Kitsap, N. A. S. Whidbey Island, etc.) what you’ve got. Hoping to bring military men, women and families in for great times, I am,

    Very respectfully,

    John S. Tobias

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