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Our first indoor kart racing center on the East Coast, K1 Speed Fort Lauderdale, now has NEW storm karts!


K1 Speed storm karts are among the finest karts in the world. Whereas a standard 2-stroke gas kart has in the range of 6.5-9 HP, our electric motors produce 20 HP and have maximum torque available instantaneously!  In addition to the performance benefits, our electric karts are environmentally friendly, as they produce zero emissions and feature remote shutoff and speed reduction in the event of an emergency.  We invite you to visit K1 Speed Fort Lauderdale and see the benefits for yourself.

2950 Stirling Rd.
Hollywood, FL 33020
(954) 416-0044

  • suzanne cooper

    Hi i am thinking of booking for my husband we are coming from the UK he has Karted many times but the drifting on monday 1st april looks a bit different, how much is it and for how long at the ft lauderdale track we will be staying at delray beach, could he do it in the storm Karts?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Suzanne! Thanks for your interest in us!

      The price will be the same as our typical Arrive & Drive races: $22 for one race, $38 for two races, or $48 for three races – the more races you buy, the cheaper they become. An annual membership is required to race, but that’s only $6. If you purchase our Speedpass, you’ll get the annual membership, two races, and a t-shirt for just $55 – probably what I’d recommend for your visit as it offers a great “bang for your buck”.

      The Drift sessions are 6 minute timed sessions – it feels longer out there on the track! Regular Arrive & Drive races are 14 laps.

      Yes, we actually outfit the Storm karts with the drift slicks! So he’ll be driving our usual karts – just a completely different experience.

      For more information about our Ft. Lauderdale location, please visit our webpage here: Ft Lauderdale

      Look forward to your visit!

  • Kait Dav

    Can you tell me the length of each track and about how many laps you get on each?
    Thank you

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Kait!

      Track lengths do vary to a degree, but on average they are around a quarter of a mile in length. Adults get 14 laps on the track, juniors get 12 laps on the track. Hope we see you soon!

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