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October Results: 2014 Race Leagues



We saw some great racing for the Challenge GP / Season 2 / Race 4 this past Sunday. With just two Grand Prix’s left in the season, racers are setting their sights for a strong finish. Now that we’re headed into the Holiday Season we might see some changes in points with dedicated racers sticking out and some falling a bit short.


Practice makes perfect. We see some of the best racers come through our centers practicing and honing their skills on a daily and weekly basis. Whether its inside or outdoor karting we acknowledge the time you all put into racing in our race league. Thank you again to all of our loyal customers and fans. Looking forward to next month’s race!


July 6 – Grand Prix
August 3 – Grand Prix
September 7 – Grand Prix
October 5 – Grand Prix

November 2 – Grand Prix
December 7 – Grand Prix Final
*Dates subject to change.


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Our Challenge GP racing league is available at K1 Speed centers throughout the country. When the Challenge GP series was first envisioned, we wanted to create a means for enthusiasts of all backgrounds to take part in competitive racing on a modest budget. In fact, we have created what we feel is the most modestly budget racing series available in the United States. At every one of our centers, we have enthusiastic, talented, competitive individuals who take part in this multi-race series, and the races are genuinely thrilling. If you want to improve behind the wheel and experience genuine thrills, then the Challenge GP is for you. What other karting club can you join without owning a go-kart? Learn More about Our Challenge GP Racing League.




Another good turnout for the Junior League / Season 2 / Race 4 this past Tuesday. With the Grand Prix Final next month, we’re looking to see some tight finishes on top of the leader board.


We admire these Junior racers as they are our future F1, IndyCar, Rally drivers. They can look up to Jeff Gordon, Helio Castroneves, Travis Pastrana of the race world and see what good role models they can be while having fun. Having that passion for racing is THE driving force that will get you to the next level. From karting to cars we wish all of our little racers, boys and girls, all the luck!


July 8 – Mini GP
August 5 – Mini GP
September 9 – Mini GP
October 7 – Mini GP

November 4 – Grand Prix Final
*Dates subject to change.
(Registration at 5:30PM race starts at 6:00PM)
A minimum of 3 participants is required to run each event. Be advised that if there are 13 or more racers the event time will be dramatically increased due to expanded race heats.


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If you’d like your son or daughter to become involved in racing or a competitive league, our youth karting programs are a perfect opportunity. Youth sports leagues build discipline, character, sportsmanship, and self-responsibility. Entering your son or daughter into our youth racing league is a great way to help them develop, and provides you with an activity that you can share that is fun for the whole family. Our youth karting clubs aren’t available at every K1 Speed location; please contact your local K1 Speed track and inquire about availability. Learn More about Our Youth Racing Leagues.


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