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K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP Go Kart League Results – January 2010

K1 Speed Ontario – one of the largest indoor kart tracks in the Inland Empire and all of Southern California – held its first Challenge GP kart league race of 2010 this past weekend, and once again, there was a great turnout of both veteran competitors and new drivers! Pole position at our indoor raceway went to Khalifa Alasiri, who set the fast lap during qualifying with an impressive time of 52.12 seconds around our Super Track. Despite starting the race from P1 on the grid, Khalifa had his work cut out for him, as regular John Tanaka was starting right behind him and was intent on taking the win!

In the A Main race, Khalifa quickly found that winning the race would be no easy feat. With constant pressure being applied from behind, Khalifa found it difficult to run a smooth, clean, consistent race, and John Tanaka was taking advantage of his mistakes. Like a predator with prey in his sights, John was matching Khalifa’s every move and inching away at his lead. After several laps of tapping into the back of Khalifa’s kart, John was finally able to make a pass and make it stick. Though not the cleanest pass we’ve witnessed, sometimes a racer has to be a bit aggressive out on track if they want to take the lead! With just a couple of laps remaining, John quickly put distance between his kart and Khalifa’s, and ended up claiming victory almost 1.5 seconds in front of Alasiri, who claimed 2nd place in the A Main. Garrett Regan finished in 3rd place to claim the final spot on the A Main podium. It was an intense race and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a rematch in the future!

Challenge GP A Main Podium: 1st John Tanaka | 2nd Khalifa Alasiri | 3rd Garrett Regan

Challenge GP A Main Podium: 1st John Tanaka | 2nd Khalifa Alasiri | 3rd Garrett Regan

The B Main race had its own share of highlights, and we were pleased to see several new faces in the starting lineup. The race was won by Chris Weaver, who was able to run away from the competition and finish in front of 2nd place finisher Matt Shane by nearly 3 seconds. With such a dominant drive, we expect to see Chris compete in our A Main events in the future, and we hope to see him hit the track again in February for Round 2 of our Challenge GP kart league. The final spot on the podium of our B Main race was Holly Stamps, who ended up owning her little piece of racetrack. Several seconds behind Matt Shane and some 4 seconds in front of 4th place, Holly was able to concentrate on the task of driving, enjoy a clean racetrack and set fast and consistent laps!

Challenge GP B Main Podium: 1st Chris Weaver | 2nd Matt Shane | 3rd Holly Stamps

Challenge GP B Main Podium: 1st Chris Weaver | 2nd Matt Shane | 3rd Holly Stamps

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the 1st round of our 2010 Challenge GP season in Ontario, and we hope to see them again! If you would like to compete head-to-head against some of the best indoor karters not only in California, but in the entire country, please stop by our Inland Empire indoor go kart track on Valentine’s Day, February 14th!

Video: K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP Race – January 2010

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