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Ontario GP finishes

K1 Speed Ontario wrapped up its 6 race Challenge GP series this past weekend with some of the best driving seen yet. All the top drivers in the Inland Empire Area came out to participate. Khalifa Alasiri was able to qualify in the number one spot with a single lap time of 50.540 seconds. He was followed by Matt Shane, who was keeping pace but was only able to post a 50.830 second lap time. Joon Maeng took the third qualifying position with a 50.859 second lap time just a hair off from Matt. San Bernardino local Garrett Reagan showed up late in the game but was able to qualify 5th overall in the late qualifying session.

Khalifa brought the group around for the rolling start, and when the green flag dropped he never looked back, pulling away from the pack in his usual fashion. Most of the race action happened in the final laps, as Joon was making an attempt to keep pace with Khalifa but was unable to catch him and they would finish with Khalifa taking the win, and Joon holding down the second position. John Tanaka was working his way through the pack and started battling it out with Matt for the final podium spot, and ran out of room entering a corner. John caught the apex, and got hung up as Matt pulled away. Three turns later, Matt entered a corner too quickly, and he spun the kart, allowing Tanaka to catch and pass him to take over third. Matt would drop down to 6th before he was able to collect the kart and get going in the right direction again and by that time the checkered flag had dropped.

Khalifa Alasiri would end up taking the overall points win with 220 points followed by John Tanaka with 208 points and Garrett Regan would take third with 204 points.

This was a great start to the 2010 racing program for K1 Speed in Ontario, be sure to check back for the schedule of the second half of the season on our website www.k1speed.com – which should be in July.

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