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Ontario K1 holds 4th Challenge GP

The Ontario K1 facility held its 4th Challenge GP race this past Sunday, with an excellent turn out of drivers. Everyone was laying down good times during qualifying, including Paul Ciralli, who hasn’t raced in Ontario for over 6 months. Paul’s skills are still very strong as he broke the super-track configuration single lap record with a time of 50.01 seconds to land him on the pole for the A main.

The final rounds started off with the B main participants taking to the track with a very smooth driving performance by Michael Arnold who was on pole and would control this position throughout the entire race and take the win by over 15 seconds over Justin Daughterty. Gary Culbertson who is a regular at our Torrance location took on the Ontario Super-Track layout for the first time, and would round out the top 3 finishers.

The A main didn’t go as smooth, as the drivers were all vying for the top spot on the podium. The race began with Paul Ciralli on pole, followed by Khalifa Alasiri, and Ahmed Alasiri in third. John Tanaka started out in the fourth spot followed by Garrett Regan in fifth. When the green flag dropped on the group during a tight rolling start Garrett would jump to fourth and within two laps you could see Garrett’s game plan as he would pass other drivers in the same corner on each lap. Garrett seemed to be catching everyone by surprise with his driving abilities, which got him up to the lead and from there he never looked back. Garrett would end up winning the race by 2.3 seconds in one of the most exciting Super-Track Challenge GP races held in San Bernardino. Paul Ciralli was able to hold onto second and Khalifa took third. Ahmed dropped down to fourth and Tanaka ended up dropping down to fifth.

The K1 Challenge GP Series is heating up each month, with only 2 months left for the Inland Empires best indoor electric kart racing facility. Don’t miss out on your chance to come out and experience all the racing action. The next race for the Ontario location will be May 16th.

View the A Main race action from John Tanaka’s on board camera:


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