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Race to Win United States Grand Prix Tickets in Austin!

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There’re only four more races left to go in the 2018 Formula One season, and Lewis Hamilton almost has his hands on his fifth world championship title. If Hamilton wins the United States Grand Prix on October 21 (he’s won six of the last seven USGPs) and Sebastian Vettel finishes third or lower, he will clinch the championship. Hamilton would be only the third man in F1 history to claim five championships, and would equal “el maestro”, Juan Manuel Fangio.


Don’t miss your chance at potentially witnessing F1 history – enter Austin’s Endurance Race on Thursday, October 18 at 8:00pm and you could win tickets to this year’s USGP!


The Teams


Teams will consist of three members, who will then alternate roles throughout the two-hour race: Driver, Driver-On-Deck, and Lap Counter.




The event begins with a 10-lap qualifying session to determine the starting grid. Each team will choose one member to represent the team as a driver in this session.


The Race


Once the starting grid has been determined, the race will begin, and each member will assume one of the three roles. The Lap Counter will begin tracking the team’s lap count using a notebook. The Lap Counter is responsible for pitting their Driver between laps 10 and 16 by displaying a “Pit Now” sign prior to their pit entrance – sounds simple enough, but strategy will play a part.


Only two karts are allowed in the pits at a time. If the pits are full, then Drivers cannot enter the pits until at least one other team leaves. However, if a Driver does not pit between laps 10 and 16, the team will suffer a two-lap penalty, so it’s crucial you pick the right time during your pit window to ensure no laps are lost.


When the Driver enters the pits, they must wait for a K1 Speed staff member to assist them getting out of the kart. The Driver will then remove a team bandana that is tied on the go-kart and will need to WALK that bandanna over to the Driver-On-Deck to give them access to the pits. Any Driver caught running in the pits will be subject to a two-lap penalty.


The Driver-On-Deck will then become the Driver and will be assigned a kart. When they get to the kart, they must tie the bandana tightly to the kart – a two-lap penalty will be given to any team whose bandana falls off during the race.


The former Driver will now become the Lap Counter, the Lap Counter becomes the Driver-On-Deck, and the process repeats until the end of the two hours.


The Prize


The winning team will be the team who has completed the most laps in the two-hour timeframe. Each member of the winning team will receive one FREE Sunday race ticket to the USGP!


The Cost


It’s only $50 per driver or $150 per team to participate in this exciting, yet challenging competition that’s sure to provide plenty of seat time! Those interested will need to sign up at the Austin location.


So, get your fastest friends together for an all-star lineup, and see if you can all score tickets to the United States Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas – let’s see what you’ve got!

  • Josh Krzykowski

    How many spots are left open?

    • Staff Writer

      Josh, last we heard it was half sold out already! We’d recommend calling the center itself for an accurate number. Thanks!

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