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New Racecar Displays at Our Los Angeles Indoor Go Karting Center

24 September 2009

K1 Speed is well known for having authentic racing memorabilia and genuine racecars on display at its indoor karting centers, and one of the reasons for this reputation is that we are constantly looking for unique and exciting items to display at our locations throughout Southern California and Seattle, Washington. We like to think that our go kart centers are mini museums celebrating the thrill and glory of motorsport as much as they are indoor go kart tracks, so it is important to us that we add to our collection and rotate our displays on a regular basis. With this in mind, we recently acquired two fantastic cars for our K1 Speed Torrance indoor karting center in South Bay, Los Angeles, and we couldn’t be happier with how they look in our lobby!

Classic Dale Earnhardt Sr. #3 Goodwrench Car

Classic Dale Earnhardt Sr. #3 Goodwrench Car

The first car that we have added to our collection, which we are extremely pleased and honored to have on display, is one of Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s #3 Goodwrench NASCAR stock cars. Dale Earnhardt Sr. was a legend in motorsport and NASCAR circles, and was famously referred to as “The Intimidator” because of his aggressive driving style around the banked ovals of super speedways. The all-black GM Goodwrench livery that he made famous seemed to be a perfect fit for his character and driving personality, as he was a no-nonsense driver once he got out on the track. This simple and striking livery was so well known that it became a part of Dale’s legacy, leading people to give him the Johnny Cash-esque nickname “Man in Black.” It can probably be said without much controversy that as the 555 blue and yellow Subaru livery is to Colin McRae or the red Ferrari Marlboro livery is to Michael Schumacher, the black Goodwrench livery is to Dale Earnhardt Sr., and will forever be his. We are proud to have this car on display not only because the car celebrates the bygone era of the late 80s, but also because it celebrates one of the greatest stock car drivers of all time.

Road & Track / Honda R&D Civic Si Racecar

Road & Track / Honda R&D Civic Si Racecar

We have also acquired a 2006 Honda Civic Si racecar that was campaigned by Road & Track magazine at the December 2005 National Auto Sport Association (NASA) 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race in Northern California. Driven by Editor Kim Wolfkill and several drivers from Honda Research and Development in Ohio, the car was able to complete 645 laps during the 25 hour race and finish 1st in class. Perhaps even more impressive than the car’s class victory though is the fact that the car was able to finish 4th place overall out of a field of 58 cars! The car is a testament to what can be accomplished with solid engineering and reliability, as the nearly-stock Civic was able to beat much more notable cars around the curvy and hilly circuit thanks to solid preparation and consistent driving.

If you would like to see these cars in person, please feel free to visit our Torrance indoor karting center! After taking in our racing memorabilia, you can enjoy the thrill of wheel-to-wheel racing with our high performance electric karts! We hope to see you soon!


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