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Racers Announced for our 1st E-World Championship

The initial bracket for the first K1 Speed E World Championship

With 2018 in the books, we now have a complete list of qualifiers for the first K1 Speed E-World Championship! These individuals have earned at least 4,000 K1RS points over the course of last year, are at least 14 years of age, and are not an employee/relative of an employee at K1 Speed.


A total of 71 amazing racers qualified for this inaugural championship that begins its next rounds of competition.


Here’s how the next couple of months are going to go down:

City Championships

Locations that have more than one qualified racer will host a City Championship to determine the racer that will progress.


While we originally planned to host a K1NG of Speed-style format for these City Championships, we realized that robs the opportunity to actually race wheel-to-wheel against one another on track, which is what most racing world championships are about! So instead, we’re hosting an exciting alternative race format to determine the City Champion on Friday, February 22nd at 5:30pm.


These Locations and Racers are:


Kyle Von Bergen

Drew Valderey



Matthew Valasco

Vince Azua



Bhanu Yedla

Mike Taylor

Curtis Cantrell

William Garcia

Brett Wagner

Jacob Carroll



Payton Phillips

Austin Olmstead

Mike Buffo

William Schulte

Bryce Widdison


Buffalo Grove:

Nicolas Ryan

Cody Powers

Steve Marlovitz



Adam Walker

Nicholas Raab


Shane Lambert

Seth Axelson

Jim Lambert

Glenn Dean

Ray Stapleton



Jim Yasueda

Jon Katayanagi

Daniel Ferguson

Evan Clark

Tyjai Buford



Don Cross

Tom Richardson



Orlando Rodrigues

Jerome Snyder

Nathan Thompson

Craig Vasquez

Chad Vasquez

Mattia Chemolli

Brandon O’Brien

Evan Talley

Sean O’Hearn


Yasu Kawamoto

Demetrius Hines



Trey Laluna

Drew Kweder

Thomas Lyons


Santa Clara:

Michael Brewington

Stefan Trandafirescu

Pedro Martinez Del Rio

Giovanni Shadd


San Diego:

Toshi Gibson

Aiden Bridge

Chris Warren


San Francisco:

Joseph Ross

Will Delia

Justin Davis



Dean Sasaki

Craig Robertson

Brian Jones

Kyle Jones

Nicholas Jones

State Championships

Those that win the City Championship in Kapolei, Phoenix, Denver, and Atlanta will automatically become the State Champion, as they are the only K1 Speed locations in that state.


The City Champions in California, Texas, and Illinois will be invited to compete in the State Championship on the following Sunday, February 24 at 9am. This will take place at our Torrance (CA), Austin (TX) and Addison (IL) locations respectively.


“But won’t the City Champions from these locations have an advantage?” we can hear you ask, and the answer is “No!”. We have come up with a solution to this – but it’s a secret until the day of the event to ensure that no advantage is gained.


There are three racers that are automatically City Champions as they are the only racers at their center to qualify, but they will still need to compete for their State Championship. Those are:


Charles “CJ” Eichlin


Malcolm Francisco

San Antonio:

Jacob Stey

Automatic State Champions

We have five automatic State Champions as they are either the sole qualifier in their state, or the single qualifier in a state that has one K1 Speed location. They are:

New York:

Brendan Radzely



Kenny McCoy


Clive Uston



Jeff Panelley

North Carolina:

Spencer Stilwell



Sanjaya Vatuk

US Championship/World Championship Finals

All State Champions will be invited to represent their state in the US Championship race on Friday, March 22 at 5pm at K1 Speed Irvine. We’ll use the same unique racing format to eliminate any home track advantage. The winner of this important race will become the United States representative in the K1 Speed World Championship finals the following day, Saturday, March 23.


While we tried our best to get K1 Circuit up and running by the time of this competition, the sheer size of the property has meant that zoning and permitting has taken a lot longer than anticipated. As a result, we’re throwing together an alternative that’s going to be a great challenge for all participants. All we can say is that everyone will meet at our Irvine headquarters at 9am that Saturday morning when the day’s itinerary will be announced.


The World Championship finals will see the US representative race wheel-to-wheel with the fastest racers from our international franchise countries: Mexico, Canada, South Korea, China, and Puerto Rico for the title of K1 Speed’s first World Champion and the winner of the $15,000 Grand Prize – the biggest award of its kind! And remember, second place receives an impressive $7,500, and third place will receive $3,500 – plenty of big money up for grabs!

Start Qualifying for the 2020 K1 Speed E-World Championship!

If you haven’t started collecting K1RS points for the 2020 K1 Speed E-World Championship, now is the time! You’ve got nearly a whole year to collect the 4,000 points needed.


Next year’s event promises to be even bigger, with sponsors and more prizes. The international competition will also become more difficult next year as several more countries will join our international franchise and produce some amazing racers.


So whether you’re one of these qualifiers, or someone interested in participating in next year’s championship, start hitting your local track for practice and points!


Who are you rooting for in the E-World Championship? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Andres Noriega

    Hi!! I’m from Colombia, but I’ve been living here a few years ago, I was race driver, I was getting races in rotax championship, nacam fia, and tc 2000 , karting and touring cars, when I started to work, so I had to get out from races. But I love that race world, I’m missing it a lot. I’ve been training since 3 months again. I’m getting ready to race, I’ve won a lot of races, and two championships, I want to get more! I’ll wait can get races again.

    • Staff Writer

      Awesome to hear from you, Andres! That’s an impressive CV! We hope we get to see you at one of our tracks soon.

  • Aby García

    Hola yo vivo en San Diego y tengo un hermano de 12 años que corre en la pista de México city y ha ganado el campeonato allá en su pista! Muere de ganas por vivir la experiencia de las pistas en California, hay algún torneo o algo cerca al que pueda inscribirse? Gracias!

    • Staff Writer

      ¡Hola! ¡Qué bueno escuchar a tu hermano!

      Sí, tenemos nuestras carreras Challenge GP para adultos y carreras de la Junior League para niños. Estos se llevan a cabo en cada lugar una vez al mes.

      La próxima carrera Challenge GP es el 3 de marzo (6:30 pm), y la próxima carrera de la Junior League es el 5 de marzo (5:30 pm).

      Nos vemos en la pista!

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