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Rob Machado Visits K1 Speed Carlsbad

Professional Surfer from the ASP World Tour Rob Machado along with family and friends, visited K1 Speed in Carlsbad California earlier this week. This was his first visit to K1 and he certainly enjoyed his time with us. Rob is known for his Zen-like flow both on land and in the water, Machado was consistently seeded at the top of the rankings as a competitor on the ASP World Tour. His world-title-deciding heat at Pipeline against close friend Kelly Slater in 1995 remains perhaps the most dramatic – and uplifting – showdowns in competitive surfing history. With 12 career WCT victories, Machado was ranked among the top ten surfers for eleven straight years and was inducted into the Surfers Hall of Fame in 2000 and re-inducted in 2006.

You can see from the smile Rob and his group have on their face they really enjoyed the North San Diego location, as they raced out high speed indoor electric karts and learning what it takes to post a fast lap time on our technical layout. We look forward to seeing Rob back in house and wish him luck on the 2011 ASP Pro Tour.

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