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Seatle GP closes out the series

K1 Speed in Seattle wrapped up its 6 race Challenge GP series last week. Qualifying remained straight forward with Luke Hopton taking the pole with a 18.053 second lap time. Javier Cantu-Luceros stayed right on his back bumper and qualified with a 18.077 second lap time to take the second qualifying position, mean while Saundra Price kept it close and qualified third with a 18.700 second lap time.

The final started out smooth with Luke leading the group around for the rolling start, but it didn’t take long for Javier to slip past and take the lead on lap 2. For 7 laps straight, Javier and Luke would freight-train with each other around the track, but come lap 10, Javier got into his groove an started to pull away. With the rest of the pack in tow fighting for the final podium spot, Saundra ended up getting passed by Calvin Chan to take over third.

The main event finished with Javier Cantu-Luceros taking first, followed closely by Luke Hopton, and Calvin would take the third spot on the podium.

The overall points battle winner for the 6 race series was Javier Cantu-Luceros who won every race in the 6 race series. Luke Hopton took second place in overall points followed by Jake Preston in third.

This race season was great fun for all, K1 Speed in Redmond offers the best in indoor kart racing in the Seattle area. Don’t miss out on the next 6 race series starting in July – be sure to check back on our website for the series schedule.

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