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Solar Knights Racing Team

The South Plantation Solar Knights racing team is a group of extremely talented students who have built a fully functional solar-powered race car, Solar Knight III. In 2011 they won first place in the Advanced Division at the Solar Car Challenge. They were lucky enough to race again in 2014, where they proudly took third in a hybrid, track and street race. Solar Knights are currently the only team in Florida to successfully compete in the Solar Car Challenge!


This year the plan is to retake the national title in the advance division and plan on making some vital adjustments to Solar Knight III. The Advanced Division is the top tier division in the Solar Car Challenge. In the summer of 2011 they were awarded the William Shih Award, which is presented to the solar car team displaying the highest level of technological achievement. This past summer were also awarded the Matt Tunnell Award, which is awarded to the solar car team displaying outstanding driving performance.


This Wednesday, the Solar Knights were invited to K1 speed of Ft. Lauderdale to race at there facility. We had a great time and learned a lot about driving. We thank K1 Speed for becoming a new sponsor of the Solar Knights racing team.

Solar Knights Racing Team

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