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OFFER: Allen Berg Racing School Intro Program


Thursday, March 7th, 2013
Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Here’s your chance to slip down into a stiff carbon fiber chassis and look out at four eye-ball high racing slicks. This is the real deal, just you, your fast little formula car and the twisting road course Auto Club Speedway: mano a mano, one on one, just as you’ve dreamed it for years…

  • 2 Hour Program
  • 20 Minute Classroom Session
  • 15 Minute Instructor Driven Track Orientation
  • 15 Minute Car Introduction
  • 15 Minute Car Fitment
  • 15 Minute Driving Session in Formula Racecar
  • Photo of you with your Racecar!

Allen Berg Racing Schools’ newest location at Auto Club Speedway now offers a streamlined way for racing fans of all ages to personally experience the excitement of driving real carbon fiber formula cars on the twists and turns of a challenging 14-turn road course.

But top rolling stock and a great road course aren’t really enough. At ABRS top driving instructors are the real key to a great experience. These are the pros who will guide you through the process of beginning to master the touch and techniques that everyone admires in the best of the best.

The good news is that the pros at Allen Berg Racing Schools have put together an introductory course that will take you through the process in less time than you think, using teaching method and equipment all designed and honed for the purpose of making every minute of your time at ABRS a true learning experience.

From the track orientation laps with the instructor, to pulling your 6-point harness down tight to take to the track all alone in your racer, you’ll be learning. Most of us have never driven using a 5-speed sequential transmission: pull the handle back 5 times and you’re in first. Flick that same lever 5 times under full throttle and each gear pulls like first … Hit the racing disc brakes hard, really hard, and find yourself “falling” forward into the harness, shoved ahead by some giant hand … Now hit the gas and snap your light, lithe racer up through the gears about as fast as you can shift.

Yeah … this is not a simulation; this is the real thing, side loads that would spin many sportscars, and the pure driving control enjoyment of straight sensory input direct from four fat slicks to the tiny F1-style steering yoke.

And, if this introduction is not enough and you need more you’ll get a $100 discount off of the price of a full one, two, or three-day program purchase within 90 days of the participant’s introductory experience.

This is true world class racing training, even if you don’t plan a pro career in the top ranks, you’ll watch TV races with a totally different set of eyes … You’ve done something that only a special driving fans few will for themselves.


Highly recommend for a thrilling experience. This team is well organized, knowledgeable and they actually care about the quality of your visit. The equipment is all in good shape and they take their time with you to assure everything is right. Allen Berg is very hands-on. This should go on your MUST LIST.

– Joel Grady

Allen- I attended Fast Track on Oct 3,2012 and want to thank you for an outstanding experience and congratulate you for having put together such a superlative team of friendly, helpful and knowledgeable people. And you, the “main guy”, there to greet and instruct everyone! Don’t see how it could have been better! So many friends thought I was crazy to do this at my age (64), I can’t wait to show them the video . THANKS again, Mark

– Mark Andrews


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