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Storm Karts Arriving at Irvine and Ontario!

Racers at our Irvine and Ontario locations will have a pleasant surprise waiting for them this month – they will have new Storm karts to drive!


Ontario will be launching their new karts later this month, while racers at Irvine can enjoy the all-new karts now!


The difference will be instantly noticeable to drivers of our older karts – almost every part of the old kart has received a makeover for the Storm kart.


First, the steering wheel is a beefier F1-style wheel. An IndyCar-inspired “Push to Pass” boost button will offer temporary boosts of up to 10% power – the first kart in the industry to include this!


At Irvine, the Storm karts include a digital tachometer on the steering wheel. Eventually, we may be offering these karts with paddles behind the wheel that will offer realistic shifting capabilities, and you can use the tach to time your shifts.


Drivers chasing other drivers down will appreciate the taillight on these karts that illuminate under braking, so you have more time to react if the driver in front of you brakes unexpectedly. Or if you’re having a hard time picking a spot to pass, just study where they’re pressing on the brakes, and pick the best time to out-brake out them into a corner!


In addition, the realistic F1-esque sound that these karts howl will completely immerse you in the racing experience. You’re going to feel like a pro out there when you’re driving one of these beasts!

  • Horacio loreto

    Race time !!! Can’t wait

  • Sarah Babbie

    I LOVE racing, and never been to The west coast or Cali… or Ontario. Come on, let’s do this!!! I am an adrenaline and race junkie and need to get on that track and try those carts! Let’s get it done!

  • Xavier kenevan


  • Danny muro

    Can’t wait to race these

  • Ronnie Haddad

    I would love to win so I can surprise my cousin because he always wanted to go to k1 speed.

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