K1 Speed | Six-Month Old Track Record at K1 Speed Ontario is Broken!


Six-Month Old Track Record at K1 Speed Ontario is Broken!

10 December 2009

This week, two of our regular racers – John Tanaka and Khalifa Alasiri – paid a visit to K1 Speed Ontario for a night of Arrive and Drive racing at our Inland Empire indoor go kart track. We don’t know whether there was something in the water or the track conditions were perfect, but both men did exceedingly well! Our Track 2 record, which had been held by John Tanaka since the track was reset in June of this year, was broken not once, but twice in one night!

Track 2 at K1 Speed Ontario

Track 2 at K1 Speed Ontario

The original record of 26.53 seconds was rock solid for six months, and at first it appeared that John would solidify his hold on the record after he set a new record of 26.31 seconds. However, mere minutes later, Khalifa broke the new record with an astounding lap time of 26.26 seconds! The Track 2 layout in Ontario is very technical and requires precise steering, throttle and braking inputs and we can’t help but think that Khalifa’s new record will stand for quite some time! If you think you have what it takes to beat the record, visit our K1 Speed Ontario indoor karting center in the Inland Empire and see for yourself!

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