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Upgraded Storm Karts Arrive in Phoenix!

shot of K1 Speed Storm electric go kart, used as head image in gas kart vs electric kart blog

For a little while, our Phoenix location has been one of the last holdouts of the original 100% electric go-kart that started the world’s love affair with K1 Speed. While still an excellent go-kart in its own right, racers from Phoenix have read about other centers opening with the latest Storm karts and have wanted a piece of that racing hotness as well. Phoenix, your wait is now over. Storm karts are waiting to be raced at K1 Speed Phoenix RIGHT NOW!


These upgraded karts offer a completely different body kit, a beefier IndyCar-style steering wheel, grabbier brakes, and overall, a more balanced feel than its predecessor.


The steering mechanism is smoother, allowing you to extract every tenth from your lap, as long as you’re smooth behind the wheel as well! The seat cradles you a little more as well, ensuring you’re snug through the corners as you withstand the g-forces from its torquey electric motor.


Rear taillights now allow you to see where your opponent is braking and gives valuable feedback to see where you can either copy their style, or brake later and maximize your overtaking maneuver.


So at last, Arizona racers can now experience what racers around the world have experienced at their local K1 Speed – the thrill that is racing these upgraded Storm karts on one of the best indoor karting tracks in the world. We want to see lap times will be set with these new karts, so stop by this popular location today and experience the difference for yourself!

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  • Gus Sartain

    How much do your go carts cost and go

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Gus! Our karts are fairly expensive, as they’re rather sophisticated. Our junior karts go up to 25mph, while our adult karts travel up to 45mph.

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