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Our Day-Before Valentine’s Day Special is Here!

a couple at k1 speed is featured on the k1 speed valentines day special ad

Beat the Valentine’s Day crowds and enjoy a quieter evening the day before at K1 Speed! Where else can you can have a fun, romantic date with speed and excitement?


K1 Speed’s Day-Before Valentine’s Day Special


Bring your Valentine to your local K1 Speed the day before Valentine’s Day – Feb. 13 – for our special and enjoy 4 races for ONLY $50. And yes, unlike our usual Arrive & Drive packages, THESE RACES CAN BE SHARED BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE!


Plus we’ll even throw in a FREE individual-size pizza/flatbread and 2 soft drinks* for you two lovebirds to enjoy after your races! You’re going to save over $50 with this incredible package!


Are you a bachelor/bachelorette? Enjoy all four 4 races, the pizza, and the beverages for yourself (woo hoo partaaaaay).


*Pizza/flatbread unavailable in Orlando and Kapolei. The two free soft drinks and $50 for 4 races still applies, however – still a steal!




In-center only. Required annual membership not included ($7). Individual-size pizza/flatbread & sodas while supplies last. Toppings extra. Special offer only valid on Thurs. Feb 13, 2020. 

  • Woodrow

    I will be there to have me some fun..

  • I. T.

    I will ENJOY all 4 races and a Pizza.
    Me, Myself and I.

    • Sancho

      Haha me myself and I good 1 that’s awesome

  • Craig Robertson

    Me and my girlfriend will be there enjoying the great customer service and obviously the great racing!!!

  • ricardo rodriguez

    it’s a good

  • Johnny Perry

    Went there 2months ago with friends my youngest daughter LOVE IT

  • Jon Simms

    Ok so do we eat the pizza first??? Or After racing?? Im asking for a friend

  • Robert

    Does this apply to allowing a junior racer to use the 4 races and mom and dad eat the pizza?

    • Staff Writer

      Absolutely, that’ll work! Enjoy the pizza!

  • AHS


    • Staff Writer

      Yes, you can!! See you at the track!

  • Elyse C

    So for this special you have to show up on the 13th, there’s no booking ahead of time?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Elyse! That is correct – you’ll need to purchase this at your local K1 Speed the day of (February 13).

  • Thierry

    What if it is too busy for me to redeem all four races on that day?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Thierry! You can always use those races at a later time. They don’t all have to be used that day. The food & beverage offer, however, expires at the end of the 13th.

  • Dan Davis

    how much is annual membership?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Dan! The annual membership is $7 at most locations. Hope we’ll see you on Thursday!

  • Karina Navarro

    what time do you guys open and close for the valentines day special and is it 3 days long? The 13th, 14th and 15th?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Karina, this offer is only valid on Thursday, February 13th. We open at 12pm and close at 10pm at most locations that day. Check with your local K1 Speed to confirm the hours for that day by visiting our locations page here (https://www.k1speed.com/locations.html). Hope we’ll see you on Thursday!

  • Animesh Bijawat

    What time is this event at?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Animesh! We open at 12pm and close at 10pm at most locations that day. Double-check for your location by starting here: (https://www.k1speed.com/locations.html). Hope we’ll see you on Thursday!



    • Staff Writer

      Hello Mickey! Yes, this will be an all-day special, from open to close on Thursday!

  • Alice

    So for this deal, we pay $50 PLUS the $7 membership fee? or is that fee only if we want to get an additional membership for K1?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Alice! Yes, you are correct. Anybody planning to race will need their own membership, which is typically an additional $7 each. So if two people are enjoying this deal and neither person has a current membership, it’ll be $14 more (and still a darn good deal). Hope we’ll see you Thursday!

  • Michelle Gonzalez

    Had a question, if we have purchased a membership before but lost our card, would they be still be able to look us up in the system for this deal? and what is the recommended time frame to be able to complete all four races?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Michelle! We should be able to look you up by name and date of birth without the membership card present. If you’re splitting the 4-race package with someone (therefore doing 2 races each), it could take less an hour if we’re slow, but longer if we’re busy (just depends). If you were planning on using all 4 races yourself, it could take as little as an hour to an hour and half, but again, just depends on how busy we are. Keep in mind, you don’t have to use all races during your visit. Any races that are unused do not expire and can be used at a later date and time. Hope we can see you on Thursday!

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