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VW Shatters Pikes Peak Record with All-Electric Car

It only took eight months to build, but Volkswagen’s I.D. R racer didn’t just destroy the all-electric record at Pikes Peak this last Sunday, it just set the fastest time ever during the race’s 100th anniversary.


The car – piloted by French driver Romain Dumas – was at the Colorado Springs, CO event to break the all-electric vehicle record, which it did by over minute. What was arguably even more impressive was the fact that it broke the all-time record set by rally legend Sebastian Loeb five years ago in a twin-turbo powered Peugeot 208T16 by 16 seconds, posting a 7:57.148 up the 156-turn 12.42mile hillclimb.


This dominance of Pikes Peak is yet another strong sign that electric racecars are the future of motorsport, with the popularity of Formula E growing ever stronger and World Rallycross announcing it’ll switch to all-electric vehicles in 2020.


Not to say, “I told you so”, but here at K1 Speed, we knew what we were getting into when we decided to use all-electric go-karts in our indoor karting center fifteen years ago. The instant torque the electric engine delivers eliminates any lag once your pedal hits the medal, so you can launch out of those technical corners rather than waiting for the engine to rev up. We were ahead of the time then and continue to utilize the latest electric go-karts moving into a very near future that is sure to feature more electrified grids in motorsport.


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