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Young the Giant & GroupLove 107.7 The End

Seeing an Endsession gets you up the noses of people who play music for a living and a once in a lifetime experience BUT it’s not like you can pop up and stage and out-perform the stinky band members at their own songs. We got out of bed extra early, 11a, on a Saturday and picked up bands Grouplove and Young The Giant for some crazy karting fun at K1 Speed in Redmond.It was an opportunity to be better than the band at something none of us had much experience doing…

There’s something about being poor, on the road and skinny and going super fast in a kart. When race driving something so light, potato chips and xbox doesn’t often equal a great training regiment! Evidently Young The Giant are staying thin on their tour bus as guitarist Eric managed to go fastest of all band members!

Grouplove’s Christian and Hannah seem so nice to one another off the track. Then you get them racing next to one another and the intensity shows its dark side!

Bands tour together for months without much break and become friends on the road. Our K1 experience took place on the final stop of a long tour and they couldn’t have been more ready to goof off together!

So fun! Thanks to K1 for having us and Mat Hayward for taking the best photos!



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