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FAQs: Fairfield & Rohnert Park

Party Planning

Please fill out one of these short webforms and the event coordinator will get back to you within 48hrs:


The way our pricing works is that the more races each driver purchases, the better the value. Races cannot be shared between drivers.


One race is 12 laps and is timed with 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and so on. The times are stored for driver metrics as well as compared against national standings with awards. One race can be anywhere from 10-15min depending on who’s driving.


Annual membership is required for each driver. The $7.95 fee includes membership for one full year (365 days) and includes a managed race account and helmet rentals. The driver also gets a free race on the week of their birthday and a headsock. Membership is waived for packages of five races and up.

Prices for Rohnert Park and Fairfield.


We don’t go by age and nobody needs a driver’s license. The minimum height requirement is 48″ for junior cars, 58″ for adult cars. We do not mix junior and adult cars on the track at the same time.


Mon-Thurs: 12p-10p
Fri: 12p-12a
Sat: 10a-12a
Sun: 10a-10p

Wait Time

Those that answer the phones are located in an outside call center so specific wait times aren’t known. Even if calls were answered in-store, the walk-in traffic can be so unpredictable that anything we would say may not be accurate 15 minutes later. We can tell you that Monday and Wednesday are the slowest days and Friday evening and Saturday are the busier days. Sunday is sometimes busy, sometimes not.


The other option to avoid excessive wait times (if there is any) is for everyone in your party to check-in the morning of and then one person can show up in person to buy and schedule the races. Then the whole party can arrive when it’s closer to the race time.

Check-In / Waivers

Location Pages

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