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K1 Speed F-Series E-World Championship

All K1 Speed F-Series World Championship details are subject to change. Check this webpage frequently for any updates. 

The 5 Steps to the 2025 K1 Speed F-Series World Championship

Step 1: Compete in One of Three Leagues

girl racing a junior kart a k1 speed with k1 speed challenge gp f-series logo overlaid
teenage girls racing go karts with k1 speed challenge gp f-series logo overlaid
a woman racing a go kart with the logo of k1 speed challenge gp f-series overlaid

First, you’re going to need to enter as many of our league races as you can during the course of the year. We have three different leagues you can join depending on your age: Adult Challenge GP F-Series for drivers 18 years and older who are 4’10” or taller,  Teen Challenge GP F-Series for drivers 4’10” or taller and 13-17 years old, and Junior Challenge GP F-Series for kids 48″ or taller up to 12 years old. 


How to Sign Up for a League:


Signing up for our league races couldn’t be any easier! Simply sign up at your local K1 Speed center the night of the event, a half-hour before the racing begins. For more information about our leagues, including event dates, pricing, format, and more, click one of the buttons below.

Step 2: Finish the League in the Top 3


Whoever finishes in the TOP THREE in the 2024 Adult Challenge GP F-SeriesTeen Challenge GP F-Series, and Junior Challenge GP F-Series final standings will progress to the State Championships. The winner of the Challenge GP F-Series season will be named the F-Series City Champion!

  • For example, the top 3 finishers for Austin’s Adult Challenge GP F-Series will move on to the F-Series Texas State Championship, while the winner of the Austin Adult Challenge GP F-Series will be crowned the Adult F-Series Austin City Champion. The top 3 Junior Challenge GP F-Series finishers in Boston will progress to the F-Series Massachusetts State Championship and the winner of the Boston Junior Challenge GP F-Series will become the Junior F-Series Boston City Champion! 

Step 3: 2025 F-Series State Championship


The Top 3 from each Challenge GP class in 2024 will then progress to the 2025 State F-Series Championship, where they will compete against the Top 3s from other centers within their State at a location TBD (if the state only has one location, the championship will be held at that one location). The winner will be crowned the F-Series State Champion while the runner-up and third-place finisher will join the State Champion in the F-Series National ChampionshipsParticipation in the State Championship is mandatory if you wish to progress to the National Championships. 

Date: TBA

Race Fee: $TBA

  • Using the same example, the Top 3 Adult F-Series Austin finishers will compete against the Top 3 Adult F-Series San Antonio finishers, Top 3 Adult F-Series Houston finishers, and Top 3 Adult F-Series Dallas finishers at a center in Texas to be randomly decided.
  • The Top 3 from each F-Series class in Boston will compete against each other again at K1 Speed Boston for the F-Series Massachusetts State Championship. 

Step 4: 2025 F-Series National Championship


The Top 3 finishers at the F-Series State Championship from each class and from each state will be invited to the F-Series National Championships. The Teen and Adult F-Series National Championships will be held at K1 Circuit in 2025 the day before the F-Series World Championship event. The Junior F-Series National Championship’s location is TBD.

Date: TBA

Race Fee: $TBA

  • The Adult F-Series Texas Champs will compete against the Adult F-Series California Champs, Adult F-Series Florida Champs, Adult F-Series Colorado Champs, etc. Same for Teen F-Series Champs and Junior F-Series Champs. 


The Top 3 finishers from each class of the F-Series National Championship will go on to compete in the F-Series World Championship as representatives of the United States, and the winner will be crowned the K1 Speed United States F-Series Champion! 

Step 5: The F-Series World Championship


In the F-Series World Championship at K1 Circuit, the three Adult and three Teens will compete against the other National Champions in their respective classes for the title of K1 Speed F-Series World Champion. The three Junior F-Series US Champions will compete against the other Junior F-Series National Champions at a location TBD. 


  • The 3 Teen F-Series U.S. Champions will compete against the 3 Teen F-Series Mexico Champions, 3 Teen F-Series Canadian Champions, 3 Teen F-Series Puerto Rico Champions, 3 Teen F-Series France Champions etc. for the title of Teen F-Series World Champion. 


In the end, we will crown one Junior F-Series World Champion, one Teen F-Series Champion, and one Adult World F-Series Champion!

the flow chart for the k1 speed world championship


  • Participants must not be an employee of K1 Speed, or the relative of an employee at K1 Speed at any time during the qualifying year.
  • Participants must place in the Top 3 of the standings at the end of the 2024 Adult Challenge GP F-Series, Teen Challenge GP F-Series, or Junior Challenge GP F-Series to move on to the 2025 State Championships. The winner of each Challenge GP class becomes the City Champion.
  • The Top 3 from each center in a state progress to the F-Series State Championships. Participation in the F-Series State Championship is mandatory for all racers if they wish to progress to the F-Series National Championships. The Top 3 of the F-Series State Championships will move on to the F-Series National Championship, while the winner will earn the title of F-Series State Champion.
  • F-Series State Champion Top 3s from U.S. to Compete Against Each Other in F-Series U.S. Championship
  • Teen & Adult U.S. F-Series Championships to take place at K1 Circuit in Winchester, California in 2025
  • Top 3 U.S. F-Series Championship finishers from Teen and Adults to compete in F-Series World Championships at K1 Circuit against other F-Series National Champions.
  • The Junior F-Series U.S. Championships and Junior  F-Series World Championship will take place at a location TBD.
  • All racers are responsible for their own travel, accommodation, and race expenses.
  • There is a race fee for F-Series State Championships and F-Series U.S. Championships.
  • No substitute or alternate racers – if a racer chooses not to progress to the next round, they will not be replaced by another racer.


For any questions, please email [email protected].

Details subject to change.