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karts line up on the grid for gird night at k1 speed

Grid Night

Monday, February 21st. 5pm to closing*

Monday, May 16th. 5pm to closing*

Monday, August 15th. 5pm to closing*

Bring your friends and see who can finish first during Grid Night at K1 Speed!

What is Grid Night at K1 Speed?

Grid Night places an importance on racecraft rather than outright speed. You may be able to put together a hot lap out of the 12 laps you get, but are you consistent enough to pull away from your competition? Can you handle the pressure of somebody racing right behind you, lap after lap? Can you study your opponent for their slow spots and set up an overtaking move without bumping? This what Grid Night is going expose from our racers.

The Grid Night Format

Mini Qualifying Session

Final Race


Before we grid you up for the race, we need to know who from your group can go around our track the fastest – in order. So we’re going to host a mini 3-lap qualifying session that’ll run like our usual Arrive & Drive races – you’re just trying to set the fastest lap you can.


Once everyone gets their qualifying laps in, we’re going to stop everyone and then grid you up on our front straight by how fast you went – fastest racer will be in the front, slowest racer in the back.


Now it’s time to RACE. When the green flag drops, you’re going to want to pass anyone that’s in front of you. If you are in the racer in front, you’re going to want to keep everyone behind you. The entire 9-lap race is for position, so passing will be important right from the start.

Want More?

If you come out for Grid Night and are hungry for more races of its kind, then start racing in our Challenge GP and Junior League championships!


These championship races are held once a month and gives you more qualifying laps and more race laps for position. Points are tallied up as the season progresses, and our top three winners receive some great prizes! Plus, it’s a great chance for you to meet other dedicated and passionate K1 Speed racers – like yourself!


For more information, click one of the buttons below!

Racing Tips to Get the Most from Grid Night

  • Try to give yourself some space during the qualifying session when you can. There’s no point in racing other karts during this time. Even if you have to sacrifice two of your three laps for that one without traffic, your lap time will be better than 3 laps stuck behind other karts. This can be applied to our traditional Arrive & Drive races as well.


  • During the race, remember you’re going for position – not lap times. If need be, take a racing line that’s more defensive than fast and make sure you keep that racer behind you.


  • If you can’t get around a driver because they keep protecting the inside line, try to find a way around the outside. This will mean finding a corner that you can carry much greater speed out of, allowing you get alongside, brake late, and go for the outside move around your opponent by the next turn.


  • If you’ve got two turns that switch from left/right or right/left then get on the outside of your opponent for the first turn, so that you’re lined up perfectly in the inside for the second turn and make that pass.


  • Can’t find a way around a driver? Don’t get frustrated and start bumping them, or even worse, dive-bomb into a gap that’s rapidly closing. That’s sloppy and lacks skill. Play the smart game instead and make them nervous. Fill their peripheral vision by moving to the left and right behind them. This kind of pressure can force a mistake and allow an opportunity for you to pass cleanly.