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Junior League

Teen Cup

A Go Kart Racing League For Teens

Are you a teenager looking for a go kart racing league? Do you want to become a professional racing driver?

Our Teen Challenge GP series is the perfect way to get started.

This exciting go kart racing league is intended for teenagers who are 4’10” and taller and under the age of 18.


Over 18 years of age? Click here for our Adult Challenge GP information.

Under 4’10”?  Click here for our Junior Challenge GP league

2024 Teen Challenge GP Schedule

Registration starts at 6:00 pm. Racing begins promptly at 6:30pm.
No late registrations after start of racing.

A minimum of 3 participants is required to run each event. Be advised that if there are 13 or more racers the event time will be dramatically increased due to expanded race heats.  Racers are only allowed to race in 1 league.



*Not on the first Tuesday of the Month



  • 12-Mini grand prix races (12 lap qualifier/12 position race)
  • Rolling start final race w/ Viewpoint Onboard Camera included
  • Prizes and awards at the end of the season



per event

  • Points based on total number of racers that compete in final heat . (15 racers means 1st place gets 15 points)
  • 1 points less for each following place. (Same example, 2nd place gets 14 points, 3rd 13, etc.)
  • 1 bonus point awarded for having the fastest qualifying time (pole position).
  • If at the end of the season, there is a points tie, the driver with the best podium record will win.
two karts
Racing Format
  • There will be one qualifying round consisting of 12 laps. Your single fastest lap time from the qualifier will be used to determine your position at the start of the final race.
  • The final race will consist of a 12-lap race for position and will begin as a rolling start.
  • There will only be ONE rolling start! No restarts are allowed.
  • New drivers will be evenly distributed within qualifying groups.
two karts
Mechanical Issues
  • There will be no switching of karts at anytime during both qualifying sessions unless there is a mechanical failure or accident, which caused damage to a kart.
  • You will be able to remove a kart after the first round of qualifying.
  • You will be able to remove a kart after the second round of qualifying (final JL race of the year only).
  • There will be no switching of karts during a final race unless there is a severe mechanical failure.

Teen Challenge GP Series: The Go Kart Racing League That Helps Teens Get Into Racing


Many professional drivers have begun their careers by racing go karts during their childhood and teen years. But for years, the only way to see if a teenager is good at racing was to do it the hard way. This meant buying/maintaining an expensive go kart, purchasing costly racing gear like helmets, suits, gloves, and boots, knowing how to set up a kart, paying track fees, buying wear/tear items like tires constantly, finding a way to transport everything to the track, the list goes on. And what if the teen’s no good? Suddenly, the parent is left with thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment that they no longer need. That’s quite an expensive risk to take.


Play it smart instead. Our Teen Challenge GP go kart racing league is the best way to get into racing as a teenager.


Teen Challenge GP is an accessible and affordable monthly racing series that occurs the first Tuesday of every month every year at every K1 Speed location*.


There’s no need to buy a ton of expensive equipment. We’ll provide everything your teen needs to hit the track and show us what they’ve got. You’ve just got to supply the teen.


There’s no obligation, either. Try enrolling your teen in a Teen Challenge GP event and see how it goes! If they don’t enjoy it or do well, you don’t have to keep going. If they enjoyed it but need some improvement, come back next month!


If your teen sticks out an entire 12-month season, you’ll be surprised by their progress. Each month, your teen will be able to compare their racing results, including lap times, with their prior results. This will allow them to gauge their performance and see how they’ve improved. Of course, some Arrive & Drive racing in-between rounds is always recommended, because practice makes perfect.


The Teen Challenge GP Race Format


Each Teen Challenge GP event provides two thrilling race sessions for your teen: a qualifying race and a final race for position.


The qualifying race pits your teen against the clock to produce their best lap time possible. Racers are then ranked by their fastest lap times and will start the following race from that position. So, if your teen sets the third fastest time, they will start the final race in third position.


The final race is a race for position, so they’ll be competing against one another directly, not the clock. They have to make clean passes and keep people behind them if they wish to do well.


In December, the final Teen Challenge GP event of the year expands this race format to include a practice session in the beginning. This is just for the teen to warm up, set some baseline laps, and get ready for the qualifying session that follows.


Every racer scores points depending on where they’ve finished the final race of the event. An additional point is awarded to the race who scores pole position – the fastest lap in qualifying. The top three racers with the most points at the end of the year receives cool prizes and awesome trophies.


How Can My Teen Enroll in the Next Teen CGP Event?


Enrolling in the Teen Challenge GP go kart racing league is easy! Simply call up your location or visit in person and our cashier will be happy to add your teen’s name to the list.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter your teen in our next Teen CGP event and start their competitive racing career today!

Your Road to the World Championship Starts Here.

Starting this year (2023), you’ll qualify for a chance to compete at the Teen class at the K1 Speed E-World Championship if you finish in the Top 3 at the end of this year’s season!


For more details – visit our World Championship page today!

K1 Speed World Championship Info

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