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Record Your Races: Rent a Viewpoint Camera!

race helmet with camera on top with text reading viewpoint and rent your camera today

Record Onboard Footage of Your Races!

Have you ever wished you could record your racing experience at K1 Speed and share off your driving talent to the world? Well now you can! Introducing our Viewpoint camera rentals now at most K1 Speed locations!

What Are Viewpoint Cameras?

Viewpoint Cameras are lightweight, wide-angle video cameras that record your experience in full HD. They are positioned directly on top of your helmet, providing a unique Point-of-View (POV) perspective of what your experience was actually like!


You’ll have your entire racing experience recorded on your camera  – from pit exit to pit entrance! You won’t miss a moment. Every move you make on our track will be immortalized on video!

Why Should I Rent a Viewpoint Camera?

There are many reasons why you should rent a Viewpoint Camera during your next visit, but here’s just several:

  • Watch your fastest lap!
  • Show off your passes on friends and family, or relive exciting moments with your friends!
  • Use it as a tool to review your laps and see how you can go faster on our track!
  • Or just throw it on your social media page so people can see how cool you are. That works too.

How Does the Rental Work?

It only takes five steps to go from buying your camera rental to enjoying your footage. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Rent a Camera at the Front Desk.

Simply let our cashier know you’d like to add a Viewpoint rental to your experience for your next race or for the day!


Step 2: Show Your Receipt To Pit Staff.

Before you get in your kart, hand your receipt to one of our pit crew members. They’ll then attach the camera to your helmet before you start racing.


Step 3: Race!

This is the fun part – go racing! Set some blistering laps and make some epic passes.

Step 4: Get Your Video Receipt.

At the end of the race, our pit crew will remove the camera from your helmet and hand you a receipt for your specific camera. That receipt will have a QR code you can scan on your phone to view your video!


Step 5: Download / Share Your Video!

After you’ve scanned your QR code, download the video to your phone and then share it any way you’d like!

I’m In! How Much Does it Cost to Rent?

It only cost $7 per race to rent our Viewpoint Camera! That’s nothing when it comes to unique and exciting content you can share with your family and friends for years to come.

Add a Viewpoint Camera Rental During Your Visit!

So there you have it! Rent a Viewpoint Camera next time you race at K1 Speed and have something to always remind you of your hot laps around our track!

  • carl poulin

    i want that

  • Dominick Wyche

    I lost my receipt any way i can get it reprinted or look up my races via my membership for the footage

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Dominick! Yes, please return to your K1 Speed and have them look it up on their computer so they can give you the link. Thanks!

  • Ayrton Coetzee


  • Paul Wilson

    Is there a way to get the footage of you’ve lost the QR code?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Paul! Yes, the K1 Speed you visited can look it up on their computer and provide you with the link. Thanks!

  • Drew Ealy

    I was just at your Medley Location on 07/16/2021 around 8:30pm. I lost my receipt leaving out and I would Like the Footage to post. I’m leaving out of town tomorrow morning. Who do I contact to get the footage??

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Drew! Please give the center a call and see if you can speak with a manager. They should then be able to look it up on their computer and send you another link. Thanks for stopping in and renting a Viewpoint camera!

  • Chris S

    Can you rent a camera if you bring your own helmet? If not, can I use my own camera or pay $5 per race to use my own camera?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Chris! You will have to use one of our helmets to rent a Viewpoint camera. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  • Esequiel Contreras ceja

    Quiero aser una recervasion

    • Staff Writer

      ¡Hola Esequiel! No se necesitan reservaciones para correr a K1 Speed, sin embargo, podemos programarle un evento grupal que incluye un tiempo de carrera reservado. Este es el número para llamar para eso: 1-855-517-7333. ¡Gracias por tu interés!

  • Tyler Plumley

    After like 2 weeks to 2 months the video code says it’s a bad request and doesn’t exist.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Tyler! You have up to 30 days to download your video before the provider stops hosting it. If you experience any problems during those 30 days, please contact their support at [email protected]. Thank you and apologies for any inconvenience!

  • Ivan Zhang

    Is it possible to find the link through email? I was not given a QR code and said that it would be emailed to me but have not received anything.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Ivan! We’re sorry you didn’t receive a link or QR code. Please get in touch with the management at the K1 Speed you visited so they can provide that for you. Thank you!

  • Mcgline Ernest Susantha De Mel

    My best lap time

  • Goran Petrusevski

    How can I download the video to my iPhone library? I press the download button but there’s no option to save the video.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Goran! We’re very sorry you’re having trouble downloading your video. Please send a quick email to [email protected] so they can get that going for you promptly. Thank you!

  • Alex Stull

    If I put Velcro on the top of my personal helmet can I use that? I’m still paying the $5

    • Staff Writer

      Absolutely, Alex! We have zero problems with people using their own helmets with our Viewpoint cameras as long as either we have the velcro available or you do it yourself. Thanks for double-checking. See you at the track!

  • Heidi

    Do you have the cams at the Boston location????

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Heidi! Yes, we do! We have camera rentals at all of our US locations!

  • Jonathan Nevado

    Hola graba audio?

    • Staff Writer

      Hola, Jonathan! Si, las cámaras graban audio. Nos vemos en la pista!

  • Ady Max

    What’s de video quality of the recording?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Ady! Great question. Our Viewpoints shoot at full HD, so 1080p.

  • Martin R

    Can we use our own camera if we pay the camera fee.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Martin! Sorry, only our cameras are permitted on the track. We apologize for any inconvenience!

  • Sudheendra K

    How do we get the ViewPoint videos for the Challenge GP?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi, Sudheendra! The receipts with the code for the videos should’ve been given to you at the center the night of the event.

  • Justin Pail

    My son lost the receipt for his helmet cam video, we were there while on vacation and don’t live anywhere close to a k1 how can I go about getting the video?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Justin! We’re sorry to hear your son has lost the receipt. If you try calling up the center you visited, a manager there might be able to pull up that code for you.

  • Aidan Dawson

    Is there anyway to fully purchase the camera from any store, so we can use it for our personal use?

    • Staff Writer

      Unfortunately not at this time, Aidan.

  • Niclas Broich

    Hey, after reading that your resolution is 1080p, how many frames per second does the video have when i buy it ? Thank you in advance!

    • Staff Writer

      Hi, Niclas! Great question. The Viewpoint cameras shoot 30fps. See you at the track!

  • Demetry

    If I pay the $7 to use a viewpoint camera, can I use my 5.3k 120fps GoPro instead? I would hate to use a low quality camera, or even have the footage compressed on your end.

    • Staff Writer

      Hi, Demetry! I’m sorry but our Viewpoint camera is the only camera available for use at K1 Speed locations. Thank you.

  • N/A

    Why can’t I use my GoPro?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello! We don’t allow GoPros because we offer our own video camera service which you can read about here!

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