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Junior Challenge GP League

If you feel that your pre-teen/teen is the next Lewis Hamilton or Danica Patrick, then our youth kart racing leagues are for you! Our Junior Challenge GP league is designed for children who are 4′ to 4’10” in height and our Teen Challenge GP league is designed for children who are 4’10” and taller and under the age of 18. Both leagues are held on the same evening.


Taller than 4′-10″? Click here for our Teen Challenge GP information
Over 18 years of age? Click here for our Adult Challenge GP information.

2024 Junior Challenge GP Schedule

Registration starts at 6:00 pm and ends at 6:30 pm. Racing begins promptly at 6:30pm.

A minimum of 3 participants is required to run each event. Be advised that if there are 13 or more racers the event time will be dramatically increased due to expanded race heats.  Racers are only allowed to race in 1 league.

(Atlanta – January 7th)
(Dulles – May 14th)
(Rogers – June 25th)


*Not on the first Tuesday of the Month



  • 12-Mini grand prix races (12 lap qualifier/12 position race)
  • Grid standing start final race w/ Viewpoint Onboard Camera included
  • Prizes and awards at the end of the season



per event

  • Points based on total number of racers that compete in final heat . (15 racers means 1st place gets 15 points)
  • 1 points less for each following place. (Same example, 2nd place gets 14 points, 3rd 13, etc.)
  • 1 bonus point awarded for having the fastest qualifying time (pole position).
  • If at the end of the season, there is a points tie, the driver with the best podium record will win.
Racing Format
Racing Format
  • There will be one qualifying round consisting of 12 laps. Your single fastest lap time from the qualifier will be used to determine your position at the start of the final race.
  • The final race will consist of a 12-lap race for position and will begin as a grid standing start.
  • There will only be ONE grid standing start! No restarts are allowed.
  • If a racer causes an intentional or avoidable incident (crash, spin-out, etc.) that results in loss-of-position for the other driver, then the racer-at-fault is sent to the back of the grid. The innocent driver will resume the race from wherever they rejoined the field. (e.g.: if they were second and drop back to fifth as a result of the incident, they’ll continue in fifth position, not second).
  • New drivers will be evenly distributed within qualifying groups.
Mechanical Issues
Mechanical Issues
  • There will be no switching of karts at anytime during both qualifying sessions unless there is a mechanical failure or accident, which caused damage to a kart.
  • You will be able to remove a kart after the first round of qualifying.
  • You will be able to remove a kart after the second round of qualifying (final JL race of the year only).
  • There will be no switching of karts during a final race unless there is a severe mechanical failure.

Learn More About Our Youth Racing League

We believe that there is no better way for youths to become involved with kart racing than with our youth racing league! The annual series is affordable, safe, accessible, and is intended to serve as an introduction to racing. As the season progresses, drivers are able to use their experience to continuously improve their performance, and our timing system provides objective results that can be compared to previous races. We are proud of our youth kart league and are confident that you will not be disappointed with it!

During the series, each driver will participate in a Mini Grand Prix format race, consisting of a qualifying session to determine the starting order for the final race, and then that final race for track position. In the final round of the season drivers will compete in a full Grand Prix format race, which includes a practice session, qualifying session and 12 lap final race. Our 12-round series provides participants with the opportunity to experience the thrill of wheel-to-wheel racing, allows for extensive seat time, and rewards top finishers with prizes and trophies. Needless to say, we highly recommend it!

Additionally, K1 Speed junior kart racing league provides children with invaluable lessons not only on racing, but sportsmanship and camaraderie as well. We believe that our youth kart league is a great way to spend time with your son or daughter and can serve as a wonderful learning experience for both! If you would like your child to become involved in karting competition, reserve a spot for your child in our racing league today, as space is limited!

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