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Challenge GP

Challenge GP

Challenge GP

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Challenge GP participants must be 18 years or older to compete. We also offer a Junior League for racers 4′-0″ (48″) and taller, and a Teen Cup for racers 4’10” and taller who are under the age of 18.

2022 Challenge GP Schedule

Registration starts at 6:00 pm. Racing begins promptly at 6:30pm.
No late registrations after start of racing.


JANUARY 9TH (*Denver 1/16, Canton 1/30)
MARCH 6TH (Rohnert Park season begins)
JUNE 5TH (except Las Vegas, Phoenix)

JULY 3RD (Salt Lake City 7/11)
AUGUST 7TH (except Corona, Fairfield, Las Vegas, Phoenix)
SEPTEMBER 4TH (except Fairfield, Phoenix)
OCTOBER 2ND (except Fairfield, Phoenix)
NOVEMBER 6TH (except Fairfield, Phoenix)

*Dates not on the first Sunday of the month.

Challenge Yourself and Join the Ultimate Kart Racing League.

Do you think you have what it takes to go wheel-to-wheel with the best drivers at your local K1 Speed? Then participate in our Challenge GP league – a competitive racing series that is easy to join, affordable to join, and non-committal. Pick the race or races you want to join at your nearest track and pit yourself against K1 Speed’s fastest kart racers.

Pricing – Each monthly event includes the following:

  14 Lap Qualifier 1 – standard qualifying for best time.
  14 Lap Qualifier 2 – standard qualifying for best time. Best of 2 qualifiers sets placement for final.
  16 Lap Final – rolling start final race w/ Viewpoint Onboard Camera included



per event

  • Total number of competitors = total points for the final winner. (15 racers means 1st place gets 15 points)
  • 1 points less for each following place. (Same example, 2nd place gets 14 points, 3rd 13, etc.)
  • 1 bonus points awarded for having the fastest qualifying time.
  • Finishing results are final on day of G.P. and will not be changed.
  • In case of an incident during a position race, it will be the manager on duty decision to change positions accordingly after speaking to drivers involved.
  • If a driver initiates a retaliation of a race incident during or after a final position race, that driver will be dropped automatically to the final position spot in his group and loss of points.
  • If at the end of the season, there is a points tie, the driver with the best podium record will win.
K1 Speed Racing Format
Racing Format
  • There will be two qualifying rounds consisting of 14 laps each. Your single fastest lap time from both qualifiers will be used to determine your position at the start of the final race.
  • The final race will consist of a 16-lap race for position and will begin as a rolling start.
  • There will only be ONE rolling start! No restarts are allowed.
  • New drivers will be evenly distributed within qualifying groups.
Kart Issue
Mechanical Issues
  • There will be no switching of karts at anytime during both qualifying sessions unless there is a mechanical failure or accident, which caused damage to a kart.
  • You will be able to remove a kart after the first round of qualifying.
  • You will be able to remove a kart after the second round of qualifying.
  • There will be no switching of karts during a final race unless there is a severe mechanical failure.