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King of Speed: This Exciting Knockout-Style Race is Back!

graphic for king of speed event with riff on king of the mountain poster

Will You Be King of Speed?


So, you think you’re the fastest driver at your local center? Well now is the time to prove it in equal machinery. There won’t be any excuses – just go as fast as you can.


We’re bringing back our King of Speed tournament at every location in the US on Monday, December 13, 2021. Registration ends at 7:00pm, and the first races start promptly at 7:30pm to see who the fastest drivers at each center are!


Here’s how this unique competition works:


  • The tournament begins with a maximum of 16 drivers. These drivers are then randomly placed into eight different pairs of two that will compete against each other in two 12-lap heats.


  • After the end of the first heat, the paired drivers will swap go-karts with each other. Then they’ll go out for their second heat of 12 laps in their rival’s kart.


  • We’ll then take your single fastest lap time from both sessions and determine your average fastest lap. The driver with the fastest average lap time from the two heats and two karts will advance to the next round.


As you can see, it’ll be the driver that really makes the difference since you’ll be driving the same equipment.


The next round includes the 8 remaining drivers, who will be paired up once more to compete in two 12-lap heats utilizing the same elimination format as the first round. From there, the remaining four drivers will compete in two 10-lap races to determine the top-two drivers. Those top-two drivers will then compete for maximum bragging rights in two 8-lap heats. The driver with the fastest average of those two heats will be the King of Speed!


As you see, each driver will run at least two 12-lap races. If you’re fast enough, you’ll enjoy even more racing for the same price!


The Prize:


And get this: the K1NG of Speed at each center will receive a FIVE-RACE PACKAGE valued at over $100! Wow!


The buy-in is just $50, and with only 16 spots available, we expect these events to fill up sooner rather than later. So, make sure you CALL or VISIT your local center to sign up for this event as soon as possible!


Sorry kids, this competition is just for racers 4’10” or taller.


**NOTE: King of Speed requires at least 8 racers for the tournament to operate smoothly. If less than 8 racers have entered, this event may be canceled at your local track. So make sure you bring your friends!**

  • Martin J

    Already signed up and ready to go

    • Staff Writer

      That’s great to hear, Martin! Thanks for signing up, and best of luck in the competition!

  • Ellis Vance

    I won last time and I cant wait to do it again!

  • Chase

    Why is it on a Monday when during the day- not cool
    Should be on a weekend day

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Chase, sorry if you can’t make it out for this one. We chose a weekday evening like our last K1NG of SPEED since it had a great turn out, as most people can make it after work. Our weekends are just too busy to try to incorporate any special race formats – so we just stick to Arrive & Drive racing and events on the weekend. Hope this clears things up for you!

  • Martin j

    Here we go again #ftlauderdale #florida #kingofspeed

  • XXXX

    Is there a limit on how many racers registered so that the event is not canceled?

    • Staff Writer

      Sherwin – as long as there’s two racers, there’s a competition! See ya at the track!

  • Jon W Katayanagi

    Question — Do you average the two average race times print on the results page or the two Best Lap time printed on the result sheet? I’ve heard it done both ways at different tracks.
    “The driver with the best average time from the two heats and two karts will advance to the next round.”

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Jon! We should be taking the average of the two best lap times. So just your fastest lap time from each session. Thanks for pointing that out – we’re going to specify that in the blog post now.

  • Jon simms

    How about adding weight to make the drivers the same?

  • Kevin Rae

    Kdog is ready to go

  • Linda Cook

    What is age requirement? Height requirement?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Linda! The height requirement is 4’10” for this event. No age requirement. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Jeffrey

    I will plan to attend.

  • Joe S.

    What if im the only one that signed up at my local track?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Joe! In that rare instance, the event will be cancelled at that location. We recommend calling the day of and double-checking if it’s still running.

  • Tyler Bennett

    I’ve claimed my spot

    • Staff Writer

      Woo hoo! Go get ’em, Tyler!

  • Tina fosnaxht

    Are drivers grouped by age

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Tina! Drivers will not be grouped by age. Thanks for your interest!

  • G veio

    Will the power on the karts be turned up a notch? I’ve noticed some karts were faster than others in some races.

    • Staff Writer

      The karts will be on full power. Some karts may be faster than others during our Arrive & Drive racing, as there may be a mix of more experienced racers and beginners. If it’s someone’s first time, it may take a race or two for us to see the driver can handle full power. That would be the only reason you’d see different speeds on track.

  • Tony

    Does the tournament happen all in one day or is it spread out into multiple days?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Tony! It ALL goes down the night of Monday, June 24. Hope to see you there!

  • Justin Hillis

    Participated in this at the Dallas location last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. Love this format of racing and hope K1 does this more often!

    • Staff Writer

      Happy to hear, Justin! We love it too. We’re planning on doing it one more time before the year is over – check this page/read our emails/follow social media so you don’t miss it. Thanks for stopping by!

  • vivian

    what’s the age for this?

    • Staff Writer

      No age requirement, Vivian! Just a height requirement of 58″ for the adult karts that are used. Hope we see you there!

  • Juan Pablo

    Bam! Signed up for Ft Lauderdale already! Coming for you Martin J!

  • Tom D.

    I raced the November KING OF SPEED at the ft. Lauderdale location. It was very fun, with lot’s of competition, and surprises. I am looking forward to the next KING OF SPEED.

    • Staff Writer

      Happy to hear, Tom! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Nandini

    When will the K1NG of Speed competition be rescheduled for, since K1 is closed on the 23rd due to Covid-19?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Nandini! We’re hoping to reschedule that in the very near future. Stay tuned!

  • Shaun Kellogg

    Alllllllllllright, let’s do it! I might be able to make this one!

  • Robert Bird

    So 16 year olds can compete as long as they meet the minimum height requirement, correct?

    • Staff Writer

      Thanks for the interest, Robert! Yes, 16 year olds can participate as long as they can safely operate our adult karts. See you at the track!

  • anthony alonso

    already signed up see yall at the anaheim location be safe everyone no hard feelings

  • Jeremy Hart

    How do I register

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Jeremy! You can register inside your local K1 Speed. Just let our front desk know you want to sign up for it. See you soon!

  • Greg Rubenstein

    What about ballast to balance against tiny little dudes (or dudettes)? I get it’s not practical to balance everybody, but it’d be easy to have a reasonable target, and everyone under a certain weight gets ballast.

    I’d even be happy with a target weight of 200lbs — anyone under gets XXlbs ballast; anyone over has to deal (and that’d be me). I’m 225lbs, and fine giving away 25 or even 50 pounds, but I have no chance against a decent driver who’s 100lbs lighter.

    Thanks for at least considering it…

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Greg! Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll keep that in mind. In the meantime, you might find some interest in this experiment we did: does weight affect go kart lap times?

  • Brian carter

    Sounds fun!

  • Samuel

    Anymore spots

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Samuel, check with your local K1 Speed to find out! Hope we’ll see you there.

  • Tami Pimentel

    Are spectators allowed? – Austin, TX

    • Staff Writer

      We always love having spectators, Tami! Hope we see you there!

  • Casey Kim

    OOH FUN!

  • John Doe

    I can’t wait for the this to actually run at our k1. Last 4 times the haven’t had enough drivers but it will be fun.

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