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A Company Holiday Party Your Employees Will Enjoy

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So, you’ve been tasked with booking the company holiday party this year, but you don’t know where to go. Bowling alleys are boring, huge arcade/bars are too immature, and restaurants lack the pizzazz that’ll keep your employees entertained. This year, treat your employees to a fun adventure instead – host your company holiday party at K1 Speed and have them experience exhilarating indoor go-kart racing.


Here’s why.


Provides a Unique Experience

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While some of your employees may have tried go-karting before, it was likely at an outdoor amusement park where it sat along other tired attractions like miniature golf and an arcade. You could probably drive around the whole track with your foot planted on the gas pedal, and still only go around 10 miles per hour or so.  Safety? Forget about it. They likely didn’t wear a helmet, and the barriers were probably nothing but tires and sheets of plastic.


At K1 Speed, the go-karting experience is unlike anything else. Our karts are quick. Like “speeds up to 45 miles per hour” quick. This means you’ll actually need to use the brake pedal here.  And they’re electric, which means they’re not only faster than gas-powered karts, but are more environmentally conscious and produce zero emissions. This also means that your employees won’t have to worry about their clothes reeking of exhaust when they leave. Our race packages provide a competition-filled event complete with a final race for position so you can see who the fastest employee of the office is.


Our tracks are professionally designed and incorporate Protex barriers – the latest in safety barrier technology. Every racer wears a Department of Transportation-certified helmet (that we provide for free) and each kart can be remotely controlled to give more or less power to a driver, depending on their skill level. And all of our centers are indoors, so you won’t need to worry about those troublesome late fall/early winter snow and rainstorms ruining the fun day.


The result of all this is an adrenaline-pumping experience that’ll instantly energize your employees. Speaking of which…


Great Team Building Opportunity


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When your employees visit K1 Speed, they’re starting a team building experience without even realizing it. The adrenaline that’s produced during our races will give your employees the undeniable urge to socialize and converse with their colleagues.


While out on track, coworkers will enjoy a shared experience, which means when they step out of their karts, they will all be eager to offer their feedback of their racing experience story.


To spice up the competition, split your group into teams that can be mixed on track. This allows other team members to cheer from the sidelines while their coworker is fighting it out on track. Think about splitting them up by department – have marketing, accounting, sales, and HR go wheel to wheel for boasting rights! The friendly competition will not only boost morale, but their camaraderie will last with them when they next return to the office.


For a dedicated team building event, check out our purpose-made Team Building program.


Private Rooms and Catering Options Available

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If you’re looking for more than just a great activity for your holiday party, we have you covered there as well. All of our centers feature at least one private meeting room for your guests, where you can give end-of-the-year speeches, host your white elephant gifting, or enjoy a catered meal.


We’re contracted with some the best local caterers in town to provide you with a variety of food options. At some centers, we can do the catering for you, making us a one-stop shop for all your holiday party needs.



Save the Stress – Book Early

While October may seem a long way from the holiday season, now is the perfect time to book. December is by far the busiest time of a year for us when it comes to group events. Be sure to book now while there’s still plenty of vacancies to ensure you get the date and times you desire for what is likely to be your company’s best go-karting holiday party ever.


So don’t wait, start the booking process today by calling toll-free 1(855) 517 – 7333 or by clicking the button below to send an inquiry to our event specialists.


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