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Taco Tuesday: Enjoy Tacos, Nachos, & Beer

tacos and beer as part of taco tuesdays at k1 speed

We love Taco Tuesdays. Delicious Mexican food and refreshing beer – how can you NOT love it? So we’re super excited to announce that K1 Speed now has Taco Tuesdays!


Every Tuesday at select centers*, you can pick up our mouth-watering 3-taco plate or our cheesy nachos (with REAL cheese mind you, NOT that neon orange slop) for just $5 (that’s half-off!). All of our beers? Those are half off as well. 

Photo of tacos with guacamole salsa

$5 Taco Plate


Our tacos are stuffed with delicious, tender pulled pork before we add freshly chopped red onion and cilantro. We then top each taco with the best guacamole salsa you’ve ever had. Trust us when we say it’s muy, muy bueno.

$5 Nachos


And definitely don’t miss out on our nachos. The plate’s loaded with crispy tortilla chips before we add a layer of Chihuahua cheese – a Mexican cheese adored for its super melty goodness. We then top our nachos with fresh diced tomatoes, red onion, sour cream, jalapeños, and like our tacos, that amazing guacamole salsa. And since you’re getting this drool-worthy creation for a bargain, throw on some pulled pork or chicken for only $3 more and enjoy a meal in itself for the low price of $8.

K1 Speed Nachos at the Paddock Lounge
man holds beer at K1 Speed Paddock Lounge

Half Off Beer


Of course, you’ll want to pair this food with some ice-cold beer (as long as you’re 21 years old or older), so tell you what: all our beer is half off! That’s right – ALL beer! That means $3 domestic, $3.5 import, and $4 craft beer. Uhhh, yeah. That’s a no brainer.

Taco Tuesday for Lunch, Anyone?

Taco Tuesday at K1 Speed is ALL DAY every Tuesday which means you don’t have to wait until 3pm to get your fiesta on, like most places. And where else can you experience heart-pounding indoor kart racing at the same place?! Enough said.


So come out and join us for Taco Tuesday EVERY week at K1 Speed!



*All locations excluding Bend, Salt Lake City, Redmond, Phoenix, Orlando, Kapolei, Denver, Carlsbad, Boston, and Atlanta (NOTE: San Diego and Miami does not serve beer, however the food offer still applies). 

  • Bernay Asphy

    I would like to know how old do you have too be to ride?

    • Staff Writer

      Bernay, thanks for your interest in K1 Speed! There’s no age requirement, only height. You’ll need to be at least 4′ (48″) tall to drive our junior karts, 4’10 (58″) for our adult karts. See you at the track!

  • Rosetta Grenier

    Cannot wait untill feb 1st to bring my husband there for his 50th birthday. Looks like so much fun. He has no idea yet.

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