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Enjoy Happy Hour at K1 Speed!

Happy Hour K1 Speed

Oh, glorious happy hour: that wonderful time of the day when you clock out and begin to enjoy your evening with a discounted adult beverage – erasing all your cares and worries from the workday with each sip. We’re happy to let you folks know that you’ll now be able to enjoy happy hour at most K1 Speed locations*!


Monday to Thursday from 4pm-7pm, enjoy $5 domestic beer, $6 import beer, $7 craft beer, and $7 glasses of wine! 


While most happy hour times are from 3pm-5pm, leaving little time for people to leave work and enjoy, our hours will be much more accommodating.

Parents love enjoying a drink while watching their kids race on the track. Plus, it’s a perfect way to end your visit with friends and family while discussing your race results.


So, come out to K1 Speed Monday through Thursday, and enjoy some discounted beverages for an exciting weekday evening!

*Excluding Bend, Boston, Carlsbad, Kapolei, Miami, Orlando, Phoenix, and San Diego. For adults 21 years of age and older. Drinking before racing is strictly prohibited. 

  • Lisa ONeill

    What is the price for 1 adult an 1 child aged 11 please

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Lisa! Thanks for your interest in K1 Speed! Price is the same for adults and children: $6 for the required annual membership (if you don’t already have one), then $22 per person (1 race) / $38 per person (2 races) / $50 per person (3 races). As you see, the more races you purchase, the more you’ll save. Races don’t expire, either. So if you have some left on your account, you can use them next time you visit! The annual membership is required to race, but it comes with a free race during your birthday month in addition to 15% off food/beverage, apparel/accessories. So you get that $6 back pretty quick!

      While this is the pricing at MOST locations, there are a couple locations that differ – please visit the page of the location you wish to visit to confirm. To find your nearest location, click here: https://www.k1speed.com/locations.html

  • Mariela Carry

    Hi, wanted to buy my grandson a gift of K1 racing…may I buy the membership and race gift cards from you today?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Mariela! Absolutely! We sell both gift cards and we sell the membership as part of our “Speed Pass”. For gift cards, please visit https://www.k1speed.com/gift-cards.html – these can be used to purchase both the membership and the races. However, if you specifically want to buy the membership, visit this page: https://www.k1speed.com/locations.html , find the location your grandson will visit, then click on “Pricing”. That’ll let you purchase the Speed Pass for him, which includes the membership, plus two races and a t-shirt. Hope this helps, and thanks so much for thinking about K1 Speed for your grandson’s present! We know he’s going to love it!

  • Jessica White

    Hello, have y’all ever though about putting the amount of the “groups” on here? It would really help working and planning parents. Like myself, I don’t always have time to sit and call and get details over the phone. It’s a lot easier when I can go to a site and guess how much or how many people will need to go. I hope this is an option one day. God speed!

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Jessica! We have the prices for our events per location. You’ll just need to hover over the “61 Locations” tab at the top of our site, select your location, then hit “Groups & Parties” second from the top. There we break down the prices for kids, teens, and adult parties. Hope this helps!

  • Jon

    Hi, Are races timed or by the lap?
    How long are laps?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi, Jon! Races are by the lap. Races are finished once a single driver completes 12 laps. Lap times differ by location, but are generally in the 22-28 second range.

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