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The second round of our K1 Speed Ontario Super Track Challenge GP turned out to be a very exciting night! A total of 24 people showed up for the event, including some past regulars that we haven’t seen in a while, resulting in some fantastic racing. Despite the combination of veterans and novice racers, the qualifying sessions went very well, with no major incidents at all!

Despite the clean qualifying sessions, the B main race didn’t start very smoothly. As racers vied for position going into the first few corners, there were unfortunately a few collisions (one racer actually had his helmet camera nearly knocked off, reinforcing the notion that there is no bumping allowed!). After the first lap the racers settled down though and were able to get into a rhythm that allowed for fast and consistent lap times. With about 2 laps to go however, Mike Chen and Joshua Ferguson found themselves in a tight battle for position. The two were swapping positions at almost every corner, alternating between defensive and offensive driving styles, until they got a little too aggressive, and Joshua spun out, losing several positions in the process. Mike was able to continue unimpeded from the incident and finished the race in 3rd place behind 2nd place finisher Jonathan Wright. Chris Weaver, who was able to start from the lead, never really had any pressure from behind and went on to win the B main.

The A main looked a little different than usual at the start, as John Tanaka started from the second row in the third position; still very respectable but quite different from his typical Pole starting position. The beginning of the race was very clean, with John Tanaka taking the second position away from David Messimer on the second or third lap. After passing David, John set his sights on pole position winner Garrett Regan, but was unable to close the quite significant gap that Garret had formed between his kart and the competition. Garret was able to hold on to the top position for the entire race and cruised to an easy win. John Tanaka finished 1.45 seconds behind in second place, and David Messimer, who was consistent the whole race and stayed out of trouble, was able to finish in third. The only incident of the race occurred between Alfredo Anguiano and Chris Singleton, who were both fighting for a chance at the podium but ending up taking each other out in the process.

It was a great turnout this past weekend and we enjoyed seeing some new faces not only compete for, but earn a spot on the podium! We look forward to seeing even more new racers at the next Ontario Super Track Challenge GP race on September 13th. If you think you have what it takes to compete against the best K1 Speed racers, join us!

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Round 2 of our K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP series saw Randy Olivarez and Javier Cantu-Lucero widen the gap they have over last season’s champion Sean Naslund by finishing first and second place respectively for the second race in a row. Sean’s absence from Round 2 may make it difficult for him to make up the points difference with only four races remaining in the season, so we expect the upcoming races to definitely be exciting!

Randy Olivarez qualified on the pole position, just ahead of Javier Cantu-Lucero and Michal Karpinski and was able to lead the field for the entire race. Javier Cantu-Lucero put up a good fight, but could not make the pass on the hard charging Randy. Michal Karpinski, a newcomer to our Challenge GP series put on an impressive performance and was able to finish on the podium in his first race! We hope to see Michal compete in future Challenge GP events and expect to see him apply pressure to our regulars!

If you would like to participate in our Challenge GP series, join us at K1 Speed Seattle on September 6th for the 3rd round of our 6 round series. Qualify for position, challenge for the lead from a grid start, and race against the best local competitors for a fantastic price!

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We had a great turnout for Round 2 of our K1 Speed Irvine Jul-Dec 2009 Challenge GP go kart league! Not surprisingly, most of our top drivers showed up to battle it out for points and claim that Number 1 spot on the podium. John Tanaka, Toby Rodriguez, and Taylor Hays finished ahead of the pack, in order, to claim the top spots on the podium, and it looks like there is no end in sight to the domination of this Terrific Trio! Needless to say, it was another exciting final race for this group, though it wasn’t free of incident. Long time K1 competitor David Messimer ended up being pushed under a barrier in a collision, resulting in the race being stopped temporarily. The other competitors were great sportsmen though, allowing David to regain his previous spot, helping him finish in a very respectable 5th position. The camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed by our competitors is just one more reason why we believe the Challenge GP go kart racing league is one of the best ways for novice racers to become involved in competitive motorsport!

The B-Main final was a great race as well, and we were pleased to see a ton of new faces. It’s always great to see up and coming racers attend the GP events. Among the new competitors were Douglas Edwards, who managed to finish in a respectable 7th place, Nicholas Rebeil who wound up finishing in 11th, and Chri Cubeiro who managed 14th in his first ever Challenge GP event. We’re confident that these guys will be making their presence known in the upcoming Challenge GP events. In the end though, it was Steve Wetterau, Jason Bordeaux, and Sean Thomas, who finished on the top of the podium. Steve, Jason and Sean definitely showed that they are contenders to be reckoned with in our upcoming Challenge GP events, and we expect to see them compete in the A-Main before the season ends.

Special thanks to all of our drivers; we hope to see you on September 6th for Round 3 of our K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP!

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ChallGpTor K1 Speed Torrance   First Ever Challenge GP Race Results!
We held our first Challenge GP event at K1 Speed Torrance this weekend, and couldn’t be happier with how the event turned out! With our Torrance indoor karting center, we have been able to introduce our popular go kart racing league to the Los Angeles area, and judging by the turnout for the first event, the wait was long overdue! For our inaugural K1 Speed Torrance Challenge GP race, we had no fewer than 21 competitors come out to try their hand at indoor karting! Among the familiar faces, there were some new racers as well who put up a good fight against the more season veterans. Everyone had a great time, and we can’t wait to see how the rest of the season pans out!

In the B-Main event (which was determined based on qualifying times in the previous heats), there were several position changes throughout the race and the racing action was intense. As our new competitors got the hang of the track layout and learned where best to pass, the field started to thin out, but not before the spectators witnessed some exciting racing! The winner of the B-Main was Brandon Cruz, followed by Dylan Payette in 2nd and Jason Lucas in 3rd place. We expect to see these competitors hone their skills even more in the following races and make their way up to the A-Main!

ChallGpTor B K1 Speed Torrance   First Ever Challenge GP Race Results!
The final event, the A-Main race, saw John Tanaka jump several positions from the grid and claw his way back up to 2nd place, but he could not muster the speed to pass Paul Ciralli, who would end up finishing the race in 1st place. Both were able to dispatch several competitors though to earn their positions, including Michael Martin, who started the race on the pole position after setting the fast lap (and then track record) during qualifying. Following Paul and John was a new competitor to the Challenge GP series, Josh Langsdale, who was able to finish in front of veteran racer Alton Arnold III to take the final place on the podium. All-in-all, it was a spectacular weekend of racing, and we can’t wait for the next event on August 23rd – join us at our Torrance location if you think you’re up for it!

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car ChallengeGP K1 Speed Carlsbad   July 2009 Challenge GP Results
The first round of the new 2009 Carlsbad Challenge GP season, run on our recently reconfigured track layout, took place this past weekend on July 18th and the action was fantastic! We were pleased to see that the field was diverse and large, with 11 competitors, but Jared Buccola, who finished in 3rd place overall in our Carlsbad Challenge GP last season, was able to walk away with the pole position and start the race from the front row.

Jared’s dominance in qualifying was no mistake, as he quickly put distance between his kart and the rest of the field once the green flag was dropped, setting the fast lap of the race in the process. Despite Jared conquering the track and his competition with what appeared to be little difficulty though, the performance of the day had to go to Paul Ciralli, who started the race in 5th place and was able to make his way up to 2nd with clean, unchallenged passes. Such was Paul’s efficiency at passing that he could be seen waving his hand at competitors as he overtook them, as if to say “Thanks for making that easy!” Julio Rodelo was able to finish the race in 3rd place, taking the last spot on the podium after a solid drive which saw him hold off every driver except for Paul.

The first round of our new Challenge GP season at K1 Speed Carlsbad was a fantastic race with clean driving and some great overtaking. We look forward to seeing Round 2, which takes place August 16th and hope to see you there as well! If you want to compete against the very best drivers at K1 Speed, our Challenge GP is for you!

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GP Redmond K1 Speed Seattle   Challenge GP Round 1 Results
The first race of the second K1 Speed Seattle 2009 Challenge GP series was – in a word – amazing! From the number of participants, to the individual driving styles seen on the track, and the camaraderie amongst the competitors seen off of the track – the drivers were closely analyzing each other’s races – this past weekend’s Challenge GP race at K1 Speed Seattle was quite simply one of our best to date!

The final race of the event started out like many races have in the past; Sean Naslund took the pole position ahead of Randy Olivarez in second, followed closely by Javier Cantu-Lucero who started on the second row from the third position. This starting order was reminiscent of last season’s starts, but the field was larger and more diverse than others have been in the past. Polo Carpio, a new face and welcome addition to the Challenge GP series, started from the fourth position on the grid ahead of David Freiboth, a veteran from the first series, who qualified in the fifth spot.

In past events at our Seattle / Redmond indoor track, most of the position battles took place between 2nd and 3rd or 3rd and 4th place

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ChalGP Podium Ont K1 Speed Ontario   Round 1 Results of the New Super Track Challenge GP Season!
There was great turnout for the first race of the new Challenge GP season on the reconfigured Super Track at K1 Speed Ontario! We were pleasantly surprised to see that roughly half of the racers were newcomers to the Super Track format, and those competitors introduced an element of uncertainty to the event! There is no room for mistakes on the newly configured tracks at Ontario, which feature a host of technical turns, so all of the competitors, experienced and novice alike, were on a level playing field! After the qualifying sessions, John Tanaka, who qualified on pole and is a Challenge GP champion, described the new track layout best when he said “there’s no time to relax out there, you’re constantly doing something, always setting yourself up for the next turn.”

The B Main race, which is determined by the final qualifying positions, was very competitive, though there were a few collisions that prompted some drivers to resort to retaliation. Admittedly, the action made for a very exciting race to watch! The winner of the B main went to Devin Lindsey, beating second place Chris Weaver by a dominating 6.89 seconds! Michael Byrne finished in third place to take the final position on the podium. All three drivers performed well, and we expect to see them compete in some A Main events in the future.

The A Main had a lot of new faces in it, but the fastest driver was able to rise to the top, and John Tanaka did just that. John started on pole and never looked back, beating the field by 6.45 seconds and setting the fastest lap of the session at 53.16 seconds! Finishing in second place was Garrett Regan, who tried his best on the first lap to pressure John into making a mistake, but was unable to make a pass. Brody Roa was able to take third place, ahead of Russ McGrane in fourth and Frank Hsu in fifth. John continues to impress with his driving and has started off the season on strong footing against some very competent newcomers. We look forward to seeing more new faces for the next Ontario Super Track Challenge GP race on August 9th – it looks like it will be a great race if this weekend’s event is any indication!

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Irvine chal gp2 K1 Speed Irvine   Round 1 Results of the New Challenge GP Season!
This past weekend on July 5th, our second Challenge GP season of 2009 was kicked off at K1 Speed Irvine on the brand new Super Track configuration! There were many familiar faces, including John Tanaka who dominated last season, as well as some faces that we haven’t seen in awhile like long time racer Robert Dlugos. Needless to say, everyone had a great time and the event was a fantastic start to the season!

The qualifying session was clean, providing everyone with the opportunity to lay down some fast laps to determine the running order of the races. In the B Main race, Bill Kreig was able to finish the race in 1st place, ahead of Jordan Robertson and Steven Bordeaux, who finished in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Jordan Robertson and his father are regular racers and we were impressed to see Jordan finish on the podium amongst such experienced competition. We anticipate that all of our B Main podium finishers will improve their skills even further by the end of the season.

The A Main race was fast and exciting, with Toby Rodriguez, John Tanaka and Robert Dlugos leading the pack from the start. John and Robert both gained positions going into Turn 1, with John moving up one spot from 3rd place to 2nd and Robert gaining two positions from the competition by moving up from 5th place to 3rd! Both men were able to capitalize on having the inside line into the first turn, and once they made their passes, John and Robert never looked back! Toby Rodriquez wound up taking the win ahead of John, who got off to a strong start defending last season’s championship with a 2nd place finish on the podium, and Robert Dlugos who finished in 3rd despite taking a hiatus from our Challenge GP race league.

We would like to congratulate all of our racers and invite you to compete at our next K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP race on August 2nd! We look forward to seeing you there!

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Redmond K1 Speed Seattle   2009 Challenge GP Season 1 Final Results!

The sixth and final race of the K1 Speed Seattle 2009 Challenge GP season on our current track configuration took place this weekend, and Sean Naslund was able to bring home the Championship. Though with a points lead almost double that of the next highest racer, all Sean needed to do was finish! Despite having the series all but under wraps, Sean walked away from the qualifying session with the pole position, and was able to lead the entire race to finish on top of the podium. It goes without saying that Sean’s championship is well-earned, as he has been a dominant figure all season long.

Regular competitors Randy Olivarez and Javier Cantu-Lucero finished the race and the season in Second place and Third place respectively, after putting up a good fight all season long. Our top competitors walked away with gift bags from Meguiar’s Car Care products as well as K1 karting gloves for their accomplishments, as well as the satisfaction that they have what it takes to compete against the best of the best at K1 Speed!

If you are interested in competing in our Challenge GP series, our next season of competition in Seattle starts July 12th 2009 on our brand new track configuration! We invite you to come out and see if you have what it takes to win!

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Ontario K1 Speed Ontario   2009 Reverse Challenge GP Season Results!

The final round of the 2009 Ontario Reverse Challenge GP season was held this past Sunday, and there was a tight battle for the championship! Going into the race, John Tanaka led Taylor Hays by only 3 points, so the outcome would determine the entire championship. After the qualifying rounds were complete, Taylor ended up with the pole position after setting an impressive lap time of 54.95 seconds, followed closely by John Tanaka with a lap time of 55.06 seconds. Needless to say, everyone had their eyes on John and Taylor to see who would come out on top!

The B main event race was held prior to the Final, and the competitors put on a great show; in fact, many of the racers were newcomers to the super track format! Despite the efforts of our new racers, nobody could match the performance of John Carroll, who dominated the event and pulled away from the competition by almost 5 seconds! Chris Weaver finished in Second place and Travis Silvester brought home the bronze in Third. We were impressed by John Carroll’s performance, and expect to see him compete in some A main races in the future!

The A main event turned out to be a spectacular race with wheel-to-wheel action throughout. Everyone got off to a great start and the race was incident-free through to the checkered flag, despite each competitor driving with an intensity that was worthy of the season’s final event!

Taylor Hays never looked back after starting on pole, and was able to take the win without any real challenges by John Tanaka, who finished in Second ahead of Alton Arnold III. Taylor started out the final event behind Tanaka in points though, so even though John finished behind Taylor (by only 0.8 seconds), he was able to take home the Ontario championship trophy with a points total of 125. Taylor Hays finished the season in Second with 123 points, and Alton Arnold III and Paul Ciralli tied for Third, with 108 points each.

If you would like to compete in our K1 Speed Challenge GP competition, our new season will be on the 2nd Sunday of every month, starting July 12th, and will feature a brand new track layout! We look forward to seeing new faces!

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