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Autobahn Indoor Speedway Joins K1 Speed!

people race go karts at k1 speed in irvine, ca

K1 Speed Grows By 11 Locations and 4 States Overnight!


Exciting news for fans of K1 Speed – Autobahn and Accelerate Indoor Speedway have joined our team, which means we now have eleven more centers and serve four more states in this country!


Read on to learn more!

As a result of this exciting news, we now have 83 locations in 29 states and seven countries! Additionally, we can now call four additional states our home: Maryland, New York, Wisconsin and Alabama. 


Over the coming weeks, all nine Autobahn locations and its two sister Accelerate locations will transition to the look and feel of K1 Speed. While the “arrive and drive” all-electric karting experience remains largely unchanged, we’ll enhance opportunities for their more serious racers. Autobahn’s previous eight-week leagues will expand to our year-long Challenge GP leagues and Autobahn’s national championship will now become international since their locations will be part of our E-World Championship. As you know, our championship features one of the largest karting prize purses globally and spans over 80 locations and seven countries. This also means Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia, Florida, and Tennessee all have more competitors, starting with the 2025 State Championships


And there are other positive changes in store for these new facilities. While most existing Autobahn locations currently offer limited food and drink options, we’re going to start adding our Paddock Lounge café at every center to provide guests with more choices. Additionally, each center will soon get an arcade with an array of video games, prize machines, and skill-based games, providing entertainment for everyone!


We’re super excited to have these great locations as a part of our family. While they still have lots of work to go before they look and feel like the K1 you know and love, feel free to visit and wish all the team members a warm welcome!

Here Are The 11 New Locations!

  • boutabagremy??

    u should bring one to down town nashville

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Remy! We actually have one in Nashville, just across the river from the downtown area right near the Silliman Evans Bridge off Davidson St. Hope we’ll see you soon!

  • Harlan Lendo

    When does the season start for the leagues?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Harlan, and welcome to K1 Speed! The league season will begin in February for all former Autobahn / Accelerate locations. The specific dates are February 4th for Adults, and February 6th for Teens & Juniors. See you there!

  • Barry O'Neal

    I would like to know where you are located and the prices of your packages and Walk ins/drivers

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Barry! If you’re on a mobile device, simply touch the three lines near the top left of the screen, then touch “86 Locations”. Touch whatever location you’re interested in visiting, then then scroll down and touch “Get Pricing” under “Arrive & Drive”. If you’re on a desktop computer, simply click where it reads “86 Locations” on the top left of our website, click the location, and then click “Get Pricing” under “Arrive & Drive”. Hope that helps!

  • Mike Harrell

    Is there any weight limits?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Mike! Our adult karts can typically accommodate drivers up to 300lbs. See you at the track!

  • Antonio Lucero

    now that it is K1, are the STEM academy and field trips still an option as before?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Antonio! While we currently do not have plans for that, it is something we’ll consider for the future. Thank you!

  • Tyler Stankavich

    Has the Milwaukee Autobahn been updated to K1 since the acquisition? I loved the Canton, Ohio location and just moved to Wisconsin. Cannot wait to visit.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Tyler! We’re getting there! The inside is mostly complete, but the outside signage is the same for now – so don’t be alarmed if you see the Accelerate signage still on the outside of the building. We’re going to be doing some more construction next week that should bring the center to 100% K1 Speed look and feel. We can’t wait to see you at the track!

  • BiscuitsNGravy

    Do the gift cards expire?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, BiscuitsNGravy! No, K1 Speed gift cards do not expire. See you at the track!

  • Josh Schmid

    I been going to K1 for years. This is great news. I heard about the location coming to the Woodlands Texas can I have more information. I would love to be there for opening.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Josh! Thanks for your support! We’ll have more information about our new location in The Woodlands in the coming months. We can’t wait to see you there!

  • R. Mann


    My partner and I big racing enthusiasts. However, our nearest location for racing is in Birmingham, about 2 hours away from Huntsville – The Rocket City!

    K1 would most certainly benefit having a venue here, specifically in the growing mid-city area. In fact, we did have different branded karting center that was closed due to poor management years ago…

    K1 would be popular with the large car community here, and you would be the only track in Huntsville! Also, having a racing league here would be such a dream come true. I would participate in one hand’s down, if there was a location close enough.

    Please consider Huntsville as your next location… I truly believe there is potential here!

    • Staff Writer

      Thanks for the suggestion, R. Mann, we’ll keep that mind! In the meantime, hope we’ll see you in Birmingham from time to time!

  • AJ Jad

    I’m a teen just wondering whether I’ll be able to compete in rental karting. Seems interesting. What’s the day to sign up??

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, AJ! Thanks for your interest in K1 Speed! To compete in our Arrive & Drive races, you can stop by any time during our operational hours. We’re open seven days a week. To compete in our Teen Challenge GP race league, the next event is on April 2nd. So sign up that evening at 6pm. Racing begins at 6:30pm that night. Hope to see you there!

  • Eric Henderson

    May I use my own Helmet??

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Eric! You can, as long as it’s at least DOT approved and has full face protection. If you don’t have a visor, you’ll need to wear goggles. See you at the track!

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