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Congrats to the International K1RS Points Leaders from 2023!

The three trophies for our top 3 2023 k1rs points championship

A big round of applause to everyone who made into K1 Speed’s International Top 50 from around the world!


The 2023 season was a competitive one, with our racer in number 50 having over 6,000 points – an increase of 1,000 points over last year! And our international competition was strong yet again. We had EIGHT racers from Canada break into the Top 50 this year, including two racers in the Top 10! And for the first time, Mexico has joined the Top 50 list with two drivers!


But the competition wasn’t the only thing that ramped up for our Top 50 racers from 2023. We’ve also increased the cash prizes from last year! Our K1RS Champion from 2022 is going to get $10,000 – up from $3,000 from last year! Second place is getting $6,000 (up from $2,000 last year), third place is taking home $4,000 ($1,000 last year). That’s some serious dough!


Now, let’s get on with our Top 3 finishers!


#1: Joel Parham | Burbank, CA | 38,136 points

After finishing 10th in 2023’s Top 50 K1RS Leaderboard, Joel was on a mission to destroy the competition this year. Not only has he risen to the top of the heap this year, but he’s also the only racer to finish in the Top 3 each quarter in the 2023 K1RS Quarterly Championship, and picked up the number one spot in Q3! Congrats, Joel! You’re definitely our worthy K1RS points champion of 2023!


Joel will receive:

    • 1st Place Trophy
    • $10,000
    • Exclusive 2023 K1RS Top 50 Hat


#2: Patrick Cook | Arlington, TX | 32,500 points


Patrick just made into our 2022 Top 50 list in 48th position, but boy, did he come on strong this year. Not only has he finished runner-up this year, but was a worthy competitor in our quarterly championship as well, with two runner-up finishes – Q2 and Q4. You sure made life a little more difficult for the “Burbank Boys”, Patrick!


Patrick will receive:

  • 2nd Place Trophy
  • $6,000
  • Exclusive 2023 K1RS Top 50 Hat


#3: Aaron Geoulla | Burbank, CA | 32,338 points


Our 2022 K1RS Champ, Aaron, returns to the podium this year, finishing in a very strong third position, just narrowly missing out on the runner-up spot. Like his fellow podium competitors, Aaron has also been a regular competitor in our quarterly championship, where he finished in the Top 3 for three out of the four quarters, winning the final quarter in the process. Plus, Aaron’s got the speed to go with those points, as he is the 2023 City Champion from our Adult Challenge GP at Burbank! Best of luck at the 2024 K1 Speed CA State Champs, Aaron!


Aaron will receive:

  • 3rd Place Trophy
  • $4,000
  • Exclusive 2023 K1RS Top 50 Hat


Congratulations to our Top 3 once again, and if you happen to see any of these racers at their local K1 Speed take a moment and congratulate them. Then ask them for some tips!

The Complete International K1RS Top 50 OF 2023!

The International Top 50 will have their names on a plaque in every location, and will receive an exclusive 2023 Top 50 hat (NOTE: We are currently experiencing a delay with our hats. We hope to have these for you as soon as possible – we sincerely apologize for the wait). And many of these racers compete in our Challenge GP league series that feeds our Championship events. So there’s a very good chance you’ll see many of them compete in the State, National and World Championship stages this year! Congrats again to all who finished in the Top 50 and best of luck to anyone who earned their way to the State Champs!

  1. Joel Parham | Burbank, CA | 38,136 points
  2. Patrick Cook | Arlington, TX | 32,500 points
  3. Aaron Geoulla| Burbank, CA | 32,338 points
  4. Allen Person | Burbank, CA | 23,798 points
  5. Christian Tyler Dadula | Toronto, Canada | 17,544 points
  6. Rodney Price | Concord, NC | 17,528 points
  7. Jon Eichert | Nashville, TN | 16,232 points
  8. Jeremy Briones | Las Vegas, NV | 14,038 points
  9. Gobindar Sandhu | Toronto, Canada | 13,560 points
  10. Jordan Swan | San Diego, CA | 13,236 points
  11. Clive Uston| Fort Lauderdale, FL | 12,580 points
  12. Jay Vrabec | Denver, CO | 12,346 points
  13. William Broderick | San Diego, CA | 10,320 points
  14. Kurt Smith | Thousand Oaks, CA | 9,852 points
  15. Marshall Miller | Canton, OH | 9,784 points
  16. Tanny Luong| Atlanta, GA | 9,522 points
  17. Tyler Illidge | Mississauga, Canada | 9,458 points
  18. Aaron Chastain | Ontario, CA | 9,072 points
  19. Luke Stuart | Mississauga, Canada | 8,862 points
  20. Justin Herrington| Arlington, TX | 8,544 points
  21. Chris Giannikos | Mississauga, Canada | 8,534 points
  22. Roberto Soto Alberti | San Diego, CA | 8,464 points
  23. Rylan Malphurs | Dallas, TX | 8,432 points
  24. DJ Parker | Austin, TX | 8, 378 points
  25. Michael Harbin, Jr | Cinnaminson, NJ | 8,230 points
  26. Brandon Boone | Thousand Oaks, CA | 8,112 points
  27. Kenichi Ota | Las Vegas, NV | 7,988 points
  28. Gustavo Zambrano| Mississauga, Canada | 7,980 points
  29. Dom Paulin | Mississauga, Canada | 7,772 points
  30. Luke Hugen| Denver, CO | 7,476 points
  31. Cesar Aguilar | Mexico | 7,458 points
  32. Kevin Quinn| Torrance, CA | 7,346 points
  33. Rachel Hart | Canton, OH | 7,326 points
  34. Christian Morales | Dublin, CA | 7,276 points
  35. Steven Orellana | Corona, CA | 7, 254 points
  36. Justin Hernandez | Clovis, CA | 7,200 points
  37. Dustin White | Denver, CO | 7,114 points
  38. Moto Kanaya | Santa Clara, CA | 7,064 points
  39. Brian Hupp | Canton, OH | 7,028 points
  40. Scott States | Dublin, CA | 7,026 points
  41. Eric Johnson | Concord, NC | 6,990 points
  42. Erick Gutierrez | Santa Clara, CA | 6,944 points
  43. Joshua Dillon | Salt Lake City, UT | 6,694 points
  44. Ian Rosas | Thousand Oaks, CA | 6,662 points
  45. Ricardo Rodriguez Sansores | Mexico | 6,612 points
  46. Bill Beardsley| Santa Clara, CA | 6,288 points

47. Teagan Ditmore | Dublin, CA | 6,178 points
47. Loise Arvin Gallego | Santa Clara, CA | 6,178 points
49. Davian Wright | Mississauga, Canada | 6,138 points
50. Ronnie Acosta | Nashville, TN | 6,072 points 

Start Earning Those 2024 K1RS Points!

Now it’s time to begin the 2024 K1RS season! Will YOU be the one on top at the end of the year? It’s time to go racing and score those points – let’s see what you’ve all got!

How Do I Earn K1RS Points?

Every racer starts at 1200 points at the beginning of the calendar year and receives points for the following:

2 – points for each race
2 – points for each racer you beat
2 – bonus points if you had the fastest lap in your race
2 – bonus points if you had the fastest lap average in your race

View The Current United States 2024 Leaderboard!

United States K1RS Leaderboard
  • Chloe Fellowes

    how do i get an account

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Chloe! To register a new account, visit the webpage of the location you wish to race at, and hit the green “Check In” button near the top of the page. Thanks!

  • Peter Baker

    Do you have a Houston seniors category?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Peter! We do not currently have a Houston seniors category. This list includes anyone and everyone, regardless of age or location.

  • Gavin

    Way to go Dusty White…ruler at the local Denver track! Good on you, racer.

  • Jon Simms

    Congrats to all of you for being so dedicated to be number 1 at K1speed!
    Your name will go down in history just like I did in 2011!

  • Russell Provinse

    Can you change the location for Russell Provinse to Torrance not Burbank

    • Staff Writer

      You got it, Russell. Congrats on your achievement!

  • Jonathan Hardie

    How do I find out what the fastest single lap times were for 2022? I was with a group that came on Dec 17th and had the fastest lap. I’m simply looking for bragging rights LOL! Do you guys have anything on your website that show the fastest lsp times for the parties that come through? Or anything like that? If not, I think you should consider it. Kind of joking, but also kind of not joking. Anyway, had fun!

    • Staff Writer

      Haha, glad you had such a fun time, Jonathan! We do allow you to check the fastest lap times of the week and month online. Just visit http://www.k1speed.com/scores-live.html . But I like your idea of seeing the whole year… hmmm…we’ll bring that up to our timing/scoring partner!

  • Michael Harbin jr

    Where do I find the 2023 international k1rs top 50 leaderboard?

    • Staff Writer

      We’ll post that in January, Michael! Have to wait for the year to finish first, but typically the US and Canada are the biggest points scorers, so refer to our list and theirs until then.

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