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National Leaderboard

If you want to know who has the highest or most race points in the United States (including Puerto Rico) at K1 Speed, this is the place to check.

Below are the 100 racers that currently have the most K1RS points in the country, including Puerto Rico. Later this year (2024), we’ll add Mexico and France to the list so you can see everyone except Canada in real-time.

Otherwise, for the time-being, please click the link below to see Canada’s current points leaderboard.

Click here for Canada’s points leaderboard


Every racer starts at 1200 points at the beginning of the calendar year and receives points for the following:

2 – points for each race
2 – points for each racer you beat
2 – bonus points if you had the fastest lap in your race
2 – bonus points if you had the fastest lap average in your race


At the end of 2023, the international K1RS Top 50 receive exclusive, limited-edition, K1RS Top 50 hats. In addition, the top 3 finishers receive trophies and the following cash prizes**:

1st Place: $10,000

2nd Place: $6,000

3rd Place: $4,000




2023 International K1RS Top 50 

To see the results from last year, please click here: International K1RS Top 50 from 2023


2023 Quarterly K1RS Championship

Last year, we awarded large CASH PRIZES for the three racers that score the most points during every quarter (3 months) of the year! See our historical results here: 2023 Quarterly K1RS Championship.


Please allow 24 hours for the table to update.

**All prize winnings are subject to applicable federal, state, and local taxes as required by law. It is your responsibility to report your winnings to the appropriate tax authorities. We may be required by law to report winnings to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or other relevant tax authorities, and as such, we may ask you to provide your Social Security Number or taxpayer identification number (TIN) on a W-9 form to facilitate this reporting. Please be aware that your participation in this contest/event implies your understanding and acceptance of these terms related to tax liability, reporting, and the submission of a W-9 form if required.