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Chal GP Irv Final K1 Speed Irvine   2009 Reverse Challenge GP Final Results!
After an exciting battle on our Irvine Super Track, John Tanaka has walked away with the series championship (his second thus far this year, after also winning our Carlsbad GP series!). Starting the race with a lead of 6 points over second-place Toby Rodriguez and 7 points over third-place Taylor Hays, all Tanaka had to do to win the overall title was finish within the Top 5, and he did just that. Taylor Hays started from Pole Position and led from the start – clearly demonstrating that he has the speed to win in upcoming seasons – just ahead of John Tanaka in second. After an exciting battle for second place which saw John being pressured from behind, Toby Rodriguez was able to make the pass, dropping Tanaka back to third. The three drivers finished the race in that order, giving John Tanaka 141 total points for the season and Taylor Hays and Toby Rodriguez 136 each. However, because Taylor Hays won more races throughout the season, he took home the silver medal for the season!

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ChallengeGPCarl 06 07 K1 Speed Carlsbad   2009 Reverse Challenge GP Final Results!
We would like to congratulate the Top 3 finishers in our 2009 K1 Speed Carlsbad Reverse Challenge GP season! John Tanaka, who has been a dominant force all season long, not only at our Carlsbad location but throughout our Southern California indoor karting centers, was able to walk away with the championship after finishing the final race in 2nd place behind Toby Robles. Paul Ciralli, who finished the race on the podium in 3rd place, was the season runner-up, finishing just 8 points shy of John’s total. Jared Buccola, despite not being able to attend the final race of the season, was able to take home the 3rd place finish for the season after a strong showing in the other rounds. Among the prizes that our Top 3 finishers were able to walk away with were gift bags from Meguiar’s Car Care products and P.F. Chang’s China Bistro!

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ChallengeGP Ont 05 31 K1 Speed Ontario   May 2009 Challenge GP Results
This weekend saw John Tanaka, Taylor Hays and Paul Ciralli extend their lead over the competition, as they were able to finish on the podium together for the second time in a row after a solid race. Though John Tanaka was able to hold off Taylor for the race win, Taylor continued to impress by setting the fastest lap of the race with a time of 54.90 seconds around our reverse super track. With only one round left in the first season of the 2009 K1 Speed Ontario Challenge GP, the battle for 1st place has yet to be decided! John Tanaka and Taylor Hays are separated by a mere 3 points, and we expect an exciting fight for the championship at the final round on June 28th! If you would like to compete head-to-head against some of the very best K1 Speed racers, join us then!

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ChallengeGP sea 05 31 K1 Speed Seattle   May 2009 Challenge GP Results
Despite the beautiful spring weather (which in a city known for its rain, people take advantage of) and a seemingly insurmountable gap in points between second and first place, we still had several enthusiastic competitors show up for the penultimate round of the 2009 K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP season! Not surprisingly, our current points leader Sean Naslund started the race from Pole Position and ran away from the competition at the start, easily taking home the checkered flag on the top of the podium. Randy Olivarez put up a good fight after initially dropping back to 3rd place at the beginning of the race, and was able to pass Javier Cantu-Lucero to finish in 2nd place. Unfortunately, Randy faces an impossible task ahead with only one race left in the season, as Sean now has a commanding lead of 13 points. Like Michael Schumacher before him, it appears that Sean may be crowned Champion before the season even finishes!

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Chall GP IRV 05 17 K1 Speed Irvine   May 2009 Challenge GP Results

In the B Main race, there was a heated battle amongst the top three competitors, with the drivers relentlessly going back and forth trying to make a pass for the coveted first place position. As the checkered flag was waved however, it was Faisal Qaisi who was able to bring home the gold against two hard charging competitors. K1 Speed Irvine regular Kirk Meese, who tends to make an appearance at every Irvine Challenge GP, was in place to finish 2nd, but opted to sacrifice his position to Stephen Robertson, who he felt truly deserved the position after a questionable pass that left Stephen in the barrier. With stellar sportsmanship and great racing, the B Main did not disappoint!

In comparison to the B Main, the A Main was a fast paced, yet clean race that was pretty much free of incident. Taylor Hays qualified on the Pole, and was able to put distance between his kart and the competition with a great hole shot at the start of the race. John Tanaka was running a strong race in 2nd place, but could not catch up to Taylor, who ended up winning the race with a margin of nearly 3 seconds. Jared Buccola was able to pressure John throughout the race, often times right on his bumper, but could not make a clean pass to take over the position and ended up rounding out the podium with a 3rd place finish. Toby Rodriguez, who was our top finisher last season, could only manage a 6th place finish against some tough competition. With only one race left in the K1 Speed Irvine Reverse Challenge GP season, we can’t help but think that the season is going to finish with a bang, as John Tanaka, Toby Rodriguez and Taylor Hays are neck-and-neck in the points! Visit K1 Speed Irvine on June 14th to watch the deciding race in person!

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ChallengeGPCarl K1 Speed Carlsbad   May 2009 Challenge GP Results

Some new faces showed up for the 5th round of the 2009 Carlsbad Challenge GP series, and they put on quite an impressive show! Kirk Westerfield, who is a regular but has never entered a GP event, came out of the qualifying sessions with some fantastic lap times under his belt, as did Anson Gentry, another regular competitor who was lured in by the idea of racing head-to-head against some of the very best K1 Speed drivers. Anson and Kirk definitely did their part to mix up the grid in the final race, and we look forward to having them in future events.

The final race had well-known competitors Jared Buccola, John Tanaka, Paul Ciralli, David Messimer and Kirk Meese leading the pack, though nearly every racer in the field was lapping in the mid to low-29 second range! John Tanaka was comfortably on the podium until he slowed his pace unexpectedly on the last lap and allowed several racers get by him. We later learned that he thought he had seen the white flag waved – indicating that there was one lap left – a lap earlier than it actually was. Unfortunately, that mistake relegated John to a 5th place finish off of the podium. Rounding out the Top Four were Kirk Meese in 4th, David Messimer finishing in 3rd, taking the final place on the podium, Paul Ciralli in 2nd, and Jared Buccola in 1st. Jared and Paul also tied for the Fast Lap of the race, with duplicate 29.22 second laps, though new competitor Anson Gentry, who finished in 7th, managed a 29.26! With one event left, we expect the racing to be intense, as John Tanaka, Jared Buccola and Paul Cirrali are all within Championship contention!

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Chall ont K1 Speed Ontario   April 2009 Challenge GP Results

Mostly regulars – and a few newcomers – came out for the fourth round of the Ontario Challenge GP on Sunday, April 26, and the competitors put on a great show for the spectators in the building. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night though was a young newcomer by the name of Braidyn Danelik, who is only 14 years old and has already achieved an astounding XP Score of 1,268! Not only can he hold his own out on the track, but he went out and actually competed for the win in his first Challenge GP appearance! Not bad for someone who can’t even drive a real car!

The B Main race went pretty smoothly with no major incidents, as the man starting on the pole position, Michael Arnold, won in dominating fashion. Second place went to Michael Chen and third to Frank Hsu.

The A Main didn’t go as smoothly! John Tanaka started on pole position, but was quickly under pressure as soon as the green flag dropped. The first two laps were fairly clean with very close racing; in fact, you could probably throw a blanket over the first 5 drivers everyone was so close! Once the third lap started however, the intensity began to heat up! Braidyn Danelik slipped by David Messimer and they went at it for a few turns until Braidyn got smashed hard into the barrier and ended up catching a little hang time. Despite the incident, Braidyn was able to recover for a top 5 finish. That one mishap though gave John Tanaka the breathing room that he needed to really focus and put down some solid laps to take the win. Paul Ciralli ended up finishing in second place, with Taylor Hays finishing in third, Braidyn Danelik in forth, and Ahmed Alasiri in fifth position.

As the season winds down, the battles keep getting closer and closer and the level of competition is stronger and stronger each Grand Prix weekend. We look forward to seeing new faces at the next Ontario Challenge GP on May 31!

Click here to see video footage shot by John Tanaka of the action taking place!

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Chall red K1 Speed Seattle / Redmond   April 2009 Challenge GP Results
The fourth round of the K1 Speed Seattle Challenge GP Series took place this past Sunday on April 26th, and despite the fact that some of our regular competitors were unable to make it out, the racing action was still intense! Sean Naslund, who was the Points Leader heading into this race, was able to solidify his lead by taking the victory, and he was able to set a blistering lap time of 18.80 seconds in the process. Javier Cantu-Lucero wasn’t far off of the pace, lapping our indoor go kart track in 19.25 seconds, and he ended up finishing the race in second place. David Frieboth rounded out the Top 3 and took home the bronze medal. If you live in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle or Redmond, and are interested in racing against the best of the best, join us May 31st for the next round of our Challenge GP Series!

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Chal GP Irvine2 K1 Speed Irvine   April 2009 Challenge GP Results!

With 4 of 6 rounds complete, the competition is heating up in our Irvine Challenge GP series as drivers vie for the coveted championship. John Tanaka’s points lead was eroded away this weekend as Taylor Hays finished the A Main in first place in a drama-free event. Taylor finished a good 1 or 2 seconds ahead of 2nd place finisher Jared Buccola, who is somewhat of a new face at our Irvine facility. Having raced at our other Southern California karting centers in the past, Jared Buccola decided to see if he could make his mark in Irvine, and finishing on the podium with the Silver medal, the results seem pretty conclusive! The caliber of racing this weekend was such that Tody Rodriguez, no stranger to 1st place finishes, was bumped back to the 3rd place position. Despite not finishing on top of the podium, Toby gladly accepted his 3rd place finish. All in all, there was great racing in our main event.

In the B Main, Eric Wang – a longtime competitor and impressive racer – finished in 1st place ahead of Steven Robertson and Brad Drew, who finished in 2nd and 3rd place. There were also some new faces in our B Main event, including Jorge and Javier Rivera. We look forward to seeing them compete in the future! Our next K1 Speed Irvine Challenge GP event is May 17th – come on out and race against the best of the best!

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CarlsbadGP K1 Speed Carlsbad   April 2009 Challenge GP Results

John Tanaka was able to maintain his position as Points Leader of the Carlsbad Challenge GP series this past weekend, and with only two rounds remaining, is in very good shape to walk away with the championship. Not only did John lead the entire race and walk away with a decisive victory, but he also set a new track record for our reverse course layout in the process, with a blistering lap time of 29.02 seconds. Having made a name for himself, John is now doing a very fine job of defending it!

Bill Groves and Curt Chapin battled it out for the second place position, with Bill eventually finishing the race in 2nd, ahead of Curt. Despite not being able to finish in 2nd, Curt Chapin (returning for the second time this season after a long absence from Challenge GP competition) was able to move up one position from 4th to finish on the podium. Paul Ciralli unfortunately did not make the podium, finishing 4th place after a hard-fought battle. The racing action was intense, as usual, and it was great seeing familiar faces. Stay tuned for results from Round 5 of the Carlsbad Challenge GP series, scheduled for May 3rd!

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