A wild finish in Carlsbad. It came down to the last 6 laps with Blake Lieber taking the checkered flag over points leader Julian Gay. Our over all points leader for the season was Julian Gay with 56 points.

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Carlsbad K1 Speed Carlsbad Jr. League 5 Results


Ayden Aldor started from the top qualifying position and had a gap after lap 1. Michael Volpe passed Hayden Padilla and Jovy Levin on the next lap and made a move to catch Ayden. Hayden held 3rd and Jovy followed in 4th. Michael was soon challenging Ayden by lap 4. He just couldn’t find room to pass and Ayden made sure to hold the lead finishing the final race of the season in first. Also by doing so, Ayden went from a tie for second overall to win the second half championship.

Final standings for the end of the season, 1st Ayden Aldor (56 pts), 2nd Hayden Padilla (52 pts.) and 3rd Peyton Sias (46 pts.)

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santa clara map K1 Speed Santa Clara Jr. League 5 Results


IMG 4056 K1 Speed Ontario Junior League Results
With, Talin Easley, a strong member of Ontarios Junior League out, due to a dirtbiking injury, the outcome of Octobers junior league presented a more arbitrary possibility. After qualifying, Revin Easley came out at the pole, with Cy and Zayne at second and third followed by Tucker turner qualifying merely two tenths of a second behind. Tightly packed, Revin takes off at the drop of the green flag reaching four kart lengths ahead by the end of the first lap. Meanwhile Cy, Zayne, and Tucker maintain a close knit pack while battling for position in the first half of the race. Despite many passing opportunities and unfulfilled attempts Cy and Zayne held position very strongly throughout the race. As the finish line drew closer each racer pushed even harder to widen the distance between following positions creating an impassable field as the race came to an end. Congratulations to Revin, Cy, and Zayne, Ontarios 1st 2nd and 3rd place holders for the October junior league event!

Jul 10th – Mini GP
Aug 7th – Mini GP
Sep 4th – Mini GP
Oct 2nd – Mini GP
Nov 6th – Grand Prix Final

Junior Page tabs K1 Speed Ontario Junior League Results


Junior Qualifier

1. Brandon De La Garza 32.97
2. Johnathan Yunker 33.032
3. Lucas Robertson 33.096
4. Tracer Hayden 33.423
5. Christian Timple 33.512
6. Ryan Smith 33.598
7. Wyatt Tway 33.613

Junior Final

1. Johnathan Yunker
2. Christian Timple
3. Tracer Hayden
4. Ryan Smith
5. Brandon De La Garza
6. Ryan Kaplan
7. Wyatt Tway
8. Lucas Robertson

Outstanding racing by these young racers. Brandon started out in the Pole but was quickly overtaken by Johnathan Yunker, Christian Timple and Tracer Hayden. There was wheel to wheel racing by five racers for the first few laps until Johnathan finally separated himself. Brandon slipped all the way to 5th and finished the race that way. Johnathon finished the race by several kart lengths followed by Christian and Tracer. These are all young up and coming racers that will be competing for years to come.

Teen Qualifier

1. Trevor Buongiorno 27.742
2. Alizae Arbona 28.237

Teen Final

1. Trevor Buongiorno
2. Alizae Arbona

These two Teens turned in some excellent lap times overall. Trevor started in the Pole and finished first by half a lap. Alizae is a fast young racer but just could not keep up with Trevor. Trevor has been tearing up K1 tracks in Southern California for quite a while now. His recent experience with outdoor racing has clearly given him an edge…look out for him as he continues making a name for himself.

Jul 10th – Mini GP
Aug 7th – Mini GP
Sep 4th – Mini GP
Oct 2nd – Mini GP
Nov 6th – Grand Prix Final

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DSC01961 1024x768 K1 Speed Santa Clara Junior League Results
Michael started from the pole and took a slight lead. Ayden made a move early on the third lap to pass Jaydon and soon was right behind Michael. Ayden passed Micheal for the lead and Jovy was right behind them. Ayden lengthened his lead while Jovy was right on Micheal’s bumper trying to pass. Ayden finished 1st, Micheal 2nd with Jovy inches behind in 3rd.

Jul 10th – Mini GP
Aug 7th – Mini GP
Sep 4th – Mini GP
Oct 2nd – Mini GP
Nov 6th – Grand Prix Final

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Jr league 9.4.12 300x225 K1 Speed Carlsbad Junior League Results
Another exciting night of Racing at K1 Speed Carlsbad. The track was in perfect condition and kids were amped to see the green flag drop. Brayden Stansel took control of the track and gave Julian Gay and Blake Lieber some stiff competition tonight. When it was all said and done, Brayden Stansel walked away with the checkered flag.

jr3 K1 Speed Carlsbad Junior League Results


Junior League: Alison Hansen and Jory Boon got together in turn 1 spinnig out resulting in them dropping to the back of the pack. Alex Nguyen moved up three spot to finsih third on the podium. He took over this spot on lap 2 when the crash in turn 1 happened. Blake Presley qualified for the A-Main tonight for his personal best finish of 4th place. Bryce Hollen lost 2 spots when he went to wide into a turn and collided with another racer resulting in him spinning out with 4 laps to go and wasn’t able to catch up to gain any positions back. Alexander Lynch stayed out front the entire race, with 2 laps to go Cale Kazmierczak tried to pass Alex on the back straight away but bumped into the wall unable to make the pass.

Teen League: The race ran in the same order it started. Chris lapped Marcus Finks after spinning out on Lap 8. In order; Chris Tabares, Caheli Schildts and Marcus Finks.

jr3 K1 Speed Phoenix Junior/Teen League Results


Junior Qualifier-

1. Tracer Hayden best lap – 32.111 avg lap – 32.604
2. Lucas Robertson best lap – 32.833 avg lap – 33.304
3. Brandon De La Garza best lap – 33.508 avg lap – 34.924
4. Christian Timple best lap – 33.593 avg lap – 34.163

Teen Qualifier-

1. Trevor Buongiorno best lap – 27.28 avg lap – 27.658
2. Alizae Arbona best lap – 28.201 avg lap – 28.593
3. Jordan Amling best lap – 29.729 avg lap – 30.591

The Junior qualifier was pretty straightforward with Tracer Hayden dominating the field during the Qualifier. Lucas Robertson was a close second. Overall, very talented young drivers made up the field of racers.

The Teen Qualifier almost felt like an actual position race with Trevor off to a fast start and Alizae close behind. Trevor seperated himself after a few laps and very nearly matched our track record! He quickly blazed to the Pole Position with the other 2 drivers finishing up with very respectable Qualifying times.

Junior Final –

1. Lucas Robertson – best lap – 32.827
2. Tracer Hayden – best lap – 33.841
3. Brandon De La Garza – best lap – 33.64
4. Christian Timple – best lap – 33.538

Tracer started off in the lead spot but was very quickly overtaken by Lucas who blazed the trail the rest of the way. Tracer was a close second followed by Brandon and Christian. Christian rode Brandon’s bumper the entire way but was unable to complete the pass. Looks like Lucas really took advantage of the situation and never looked back. Christian has dominated this track previously but has ran into some very stiff competition these last 2 months!

Teen Final –

1. Trevor Buongiorno – best lap – 27.812
2. Alizae Arbona – best lap – 29.629
3. Jordan Amling – best lap – 29.351

Trevor started off very quickly and gained a quarter lap advantage after only 2 laps! Alizae and Jordan were very close to each other but could not catch up with first place. There were no lead changes the whole race, with trevor nearly lapping 3rd place. Overall, these Teens are extremely fast and will be scorching our tracks for years to come!

jr3 K1 Speed Anaheim Junior/Teen League Results


We had our very first Junior League FT Lauderdale style today, 4 September, with a modest turn out of six racers. Andres Lacayo, an experienced racer and frequent visitor here at K1 Ft Laud, won both the qualifier and A Main with a consistent time of 29.2 seconds. There was a real battle for second between Stephen and Sean Murname and Portis Thompkins – all coming within a second of each other, with Stephen edging out Portis, and Sean taking fourth. There was a lot of positive to build on for the next race in October. We expect to see even more racers then!!

jr3 K1 Speed South Florida Junior League Results


Ayden started up front but was bumped in turn 9 on first lap by Hayden. Hayden took lead and never looked back. There was bumping throughout the race making many changes in position. Peyton made his way through the field to finish second with Ayden finishing 3rd.

jr3 K1 Speed Santa Clara Junior League Results

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