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Design-A-Shirt Contest: Here are the Winners!

graphic featuring a blank t shirt and text reading t-shirt design contest, see your design in-store nationwide

Here Are the Winners!

First Place (620 Votes) – Richard West

First place design winner featuring comic-style k1 speed design

Second Place (563 Votes) – Aaron Winneroski

Second place finisher in the design a shirt contest featuring an 80s miami-vice inspired design

Third Place (560 Votes) – Rudy Lopez

third place finisher featuring k1 speed logo with tire-track graphics

Fourth Place (516 Votes) – Muznah Junejo

fourth place winning t shirt design inspired by soccer jerseys

Over 4,400 of you have voted, and here are the winners of our very first Design-A-Shirt contest! These four talented designers were the clear winners, as the design that finished fourth received over 200 votes more than our design that finished fifth.


So what’s next? Each winner will receive $250 and 5 free races. We’ll then launch these shirts out, one-by-one over the course of the next year. So stay tuned for announcements regarding WHEN you’ll be able to get your hands on your favorite design!


Congrats again to our four designers and thanks once more to everyone who participated in this contest! There’ll be more design contests to come in the future, so keep an eye out!

See The Finalists & Vote For Your Favorite Design!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a design for our contest! We received 163 amazing pieces of art, which made it EXTREMELY difficult to pick only a dozen or so for everyone to vote on.

Voting now runs until midnight (Pacific Time) on Friday, August 19th, so get your vote in before the window closes!

Design a New Nationwide K1 Speed T-Shirt!

Want to design a t-shirt that’ll be sold at K1 Speed centers across the country? Well, now you have the chance! Introducing our VERY FIRST Design-a-Shirt Contest!


Read on to learn how you can enter this fun art competition.

When We’re Announcing the Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted a design for our Design-A-Shirt contest! We’re blown away by the huge response to this contest, and have loved seeing everybody’s incredible designs!


Sometime on August 15th, we’ll post up the finalists for this competition. At this point you’ll have a chance to vote for your favorite design until August 19th. Once the voting ends, we’ll tally up the votes and announce our four winners the week of August 22nd.


So check back on this page later in the day on August 15th to see who made the Finals!

So, How Does This Work?

This contest is open to anyone of any age (excluding employees and their family). Once the entry period ends, we will select a group of entries as our finalists.


You’ll then have the chance to vote on your favorite design from the finalists. The four designs with the most votes will then become our winning designs. Each winner will have their t-shirt available at K1 Speed locations for a quarter of a year (three months). So collectively, the shirts designed in this contest will run for a full year!

How Can I Enter??

It’s SUPER EASY to enter this competition: simply upload your design (front of shirt only – no designs for back of shirt) in the submission form below. We’re only accepting JPG, PNG, or PDF. Simple as that!

How Long Do I Have To Design?

The contest lasts all July long. This means we must have your artwork in our office either digitally or physically by July 30th, 2022. 


Four (4) Grand Prize Winners Will Win The Following:

  • Their design on a nationwide K1 Speed t-shirt
  • One free t-shirt of their design
  • Five (5) free races  
  • $250 Cash Prize 

Judging Criteria

Designs will be judged by K1 Speed based on the following criteria:


  1. Creativity and originality 
  2. Quality of the composition and overall design
  3. Overall impression of the design



Break Out Those Art Supplies!

So there you have it! It’s as simple as that. Provide us with a design that’ll look great on our shirt and send it our way for a chance to win! Now, get designing!

Logos for Download

Below are links to our official logos if you desire to include them into your design. However, we are not requiring their usage.

Submission Form

Official Rules, Terms & Conditions

  • Lily

    Hi, is this open to Canadians?

    • Staff Writer

      Yes, Lily! Canadians can enter. However, if you win, races will only be valid at US K1 Speed locations, not K1 Speed Canada locations. Thanks for your interest!

  • Karen Tamayo

    Hello! The rules say to send hand drawn art through the mail Is it just through the mail or can we scan a picture of it and send it as a pdf instead?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Karen! Yes, you can scan your artwork and send it as a pdf. Looks like we’ve received yours, so you’re good to go. Thanks for entering!

  • Kannon Bennett

    When will the winners be announced

    • Staff Writer

      Hi, Kannon! Per the Official Rules, finalists will be announced by Monday, August 15th. We’ll then open it up to a vote that week, ending on Friday, August 19. The top 4 designs at the end of the vote will be our winners. Best of luck!

  • Richard West

    I sent my hand drawn artwork as a JPEG. Was that ok?

    • Staff Writer

      Yep, we got it, Richard! Thanks for entering!

  • Alex

    How will voting work??

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Alex! We’ll list the finalists here on August 15th. You’ll then have your chance to vote for your favorite design. At the end of the week when voting ends, the four designs with the most votes will be made into a K1 Speed t-shirt!

  • Alexandra

    Where do I see the finalists. I don’t see it.

    • Staff Writer

      It’s live now!

  • Rezta

    Where can i see the finalists? I’m unable to see it right now, and its the 15th.

    • Staff Writer

      Right you are, and it’s live right now!

  • Paige Adams

    Did you get mine?

    • Staff Writer

      Yes, we did, Paige! We had over 160 amazing designs such as yours, so competition was fierce. Thanks for entering!

  • Azaelia barnes

    I thought they had to be hand drawn

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Azaelia! We left that open to the artists, we didn’t say that it had to be one style over another.

  • Olivia

    Hello, does anybody know what time the finalists will be announced?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Olivia, the finalists are announced! Hit the button near the top of this blog to see who they are and vote!

  • Karen

    I can’t see the finalists. Has the page not been updated?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Karen! The page was updated yesterday. You need to click on the red button under “See the Finalists & Vote For Your Favorite Design!” to see the designs and vote.

  • Alex

    I can’t see it.

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Alex! You need to click on the red button under “See the Finalists & Vote For Your Favorite Design!” to see the designs and vote.

  • Miguel

    These shirts are great!

    • Staff Writer

      Aren’t they, Miguel?? There were so many other great designs too, making it very difficult to narrow them down to a dozen or so finalists. Thanks for the positive feedback!

  • Richard

    What does the leaderboard look like?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Richard! We’ll post the results next week!

  • Miguel

    When are finalists announced? I’m excited!

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Miguel! We announced the finalists last week! Click the button near the top of the post to see who they were. We’ll announce the four winners tomorrow.

  • Olivia

    I can’t see the winners

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Olivia! Winners will be announced tomorrow, Tuesday, August 23.

  • Miguel

    Sorry, I meant when are winners announced haha

    • Staff Writer

      No worries, Miguel! Yep, tomorrow will be the day.

  • Leo

    I can’t see the winners

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Leo! Refresh your page – should work now. Thanks!

  • Miguel

    Is there any competitions coming up we can participate in like the T-shirt one?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Miguel! Yes, we’ll definitely be throwing more of these design-style contests in the near future. They’re very popular!

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