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A Fun Indoor Summer Activity for Kids and Adults

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When the summer months come rolling through, many of us love to flock to the beach, go camping, enjoy festivals and fairs, and other outdoor activities. But what about those days when it’s so hot, your shoes begin to stick to the pavement and sweat cascades down your body the moment you set foot outside?


Then it’s time to head indoors where the air is cool and good times are still going strong. Again, there’s options. Movies are perhaps the most common activity, and sure, it’s fun. But you also don’t really interact with your friends or family, either. You quietly sit together for a couple of hours and then you can start engaging with each other – once you’re back in the hot outdoors.


Enter K1 Speed and its industry-leading indoor go-kart racing experience.  Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to our centers during the summer to beat the heat and the lap record of our tracks, and there’s several reasons why:

It’s Indoors

Enough said! Most of our tracks are housed in air-conditioned facilities which means you’ll stay cool during those hot humid days. Plus, you’re shielded by harmful UV rays while people outside are working on their next skin cancer-inducing sunburn. Strange rainy day in summer? We’ve also got you covered there – literally.

Both Kids and Adults Enjoy Go-Karting

Let’s face it. Sometimes parents have to bite the bullet and sacrifice their fun for something their child enjoys, be it the latest low-budget animation movie or a trip to the kiddy amusement park. Why not go somewhere where you both get equal enjoyment? K1 Speed is enjoyed by both kids and adults alike, and there’s a kart for both of them! Juniors at least 48” or taller will enjoy our junior karts which travel up to 20mph, while teens and adults at least 58” (4’10”) can zip up to 45mph in our larger, adult karts.

There’s More Than Just Karting

While there’s no doubt the main attract at K1 Speed is our superb indoor go-karting experience, there’s still plenty to do when you’re not behind the wheel. Our arcade entertains children young and old with a mix of video games and analog games such as billiards, air-hockey, and foosball.

Great Food and Refreshing Beverages

After a day of go-karting and playing games, you’re sure to work up an appetite and thirst. That’s why our locations feature a Pit Café or Paddock Lounge, so you can refuel after racing. Our Pit Café offers snacks and refreshing beverages, while our Paddock Lounge offers a full range of meal options in addition to wine and beer.

Karting is an Active Sport

If you were looking for a physical activity this summer, but prefer to stay indoors, then go-karting is an excellent choice! If you’ve never tried go-karting at K1 Speed, you’ll be surprised at just how much of a workout karting is. Yes, you’re sitting down, but your heart rate will increase, a sweat will develop, and you’ll be putting your body through decent g-forces as you hustle the kart around our track. Not to mention the workout your arms and legs will encounter while steering, braking, and accelerating – seriously!




So, beat the heat this summer and come indoors to K1 Speed where the party will be going strong seven days a week to satisfy your need for summer speed.

  • K. Viega

    How much is the camp? Thanks.

    • Staff Writer

      Thanks for your interest in K1 Speed! It’s actually not a camp, but an activity! You can simply arrive at your local K1 Speed and do some go-karting! See you at the track!

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