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The K1 Speed Annual Membership

Membership Card

If you’re looking for information about our K1 Speed Annual Membership, you’ve come to the right place!


An Annual Membership is required to race at K1 Speed. Most go kart places charges for an annual membership that gets you next to nothing. At K1 Speed, our Annual Membership gives you perks you’ll actually want to use.


Here’s What the K1 Speed Annual Membership Includes:


  • One FREE BIRTHDAY RACE during your birthday month! (ID required) – a $22 Value!
  • FREE use of our helmets
  • FREE headsock – yours to keep and bring with you during your next visit
  • 15% Off Food & Beverage
  • 15% off Apparel & accessories (excludes K1 RaceGear)
  • Access to your racing score online
  • Storing of your racing history in our database
  • Monthly newsletter with special offers



How Much Does the K1 Speed Annual Membership Cost?


The cost of a K1 Speed Annual Membership is only $6 and you get all of the above! As you can see, you’ll get one free race during your birthday month – that’s a $22 value in itself! Not to mention the great discounts you’ll enjoy on apparel, accessories, food, and beverages. You can get that $6 back in savings during just one visit!


Your annual membership is good for one full year from date of purchase. If your membership has expired, you’ll be able to renew it for another $6 when you purchase your next race.


Not sure when if your membership has expired? Simply call your local K1 Speed and ask! Our cashiers will be happy to look up that information for you.


So pick up your K1 Speed Annual Membership and save big during your next visit!

  • Jonah

    Hi on the back of the membership card it says access to your racing score live online

  • Evan Murphy

    How do I purchase a annual membership

    • Staff writer

      An annual membership is available at your local K1 Speed for purchase. If your first time, please register first, then see the cashier to purchase membership and races.

  • Melissa DeLeon

    Will the annual membership charge my card automatically when the year ends?

    • Staff Writer

      No. You will need to renew after your annual membership has expired. When visiting your local K1 Speed center, please ask the cashier about your expiration date. See you on the track!

  • Vanessa Torres

    Do purchased races expired after certain months if they are not used?

    • Staff Writer

      Your purchased races never expire and are good at any U.S. K1 Speed center.

  • Denise

    How do you check to see if your membership is current?

    • Staff Writer

      Please call or visit your local K1 Speed center. A team member will be able to assist you with your request.

  • Deion Manley

    What if I have a membership and I want to get more races

    • Staff Writer

      Deion, it’s just a matter of either stepping in to a K1 Speed location and purchasing races there or by choosing your location here on our site, choose “Get Pricing” and then choose whatever package you’d like! Just note, if you purchase races online, you’ll have to redeem them within 30 days – you don’t have to race all your races within 30 days, you just need to stop into your location and have our cashier redeem them into your account. Hope this answers your question – see you at the track!

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