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K1 Speed Diet: Week Three Update

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**K1 Speed Diet done entirely for experimental purposes. Individual results may vary. Consult your physician before starting any new physical activity or exercise program.**


Three weeks down, one more to go in the month-long K1 Speed Diet. I’ve only done three days a week, rather than the four I originally planned for this week and last, but the results have still been tremendous.


If You’re Just Joining Us…


For a quick little recap, I am currently attempting to lose weight by racing go-karts as my only workout/fitness routine. I was inspired to do this since I used to be completely worn out from a single go-kart race, and wanted to see if the go-kart workout could deliver results similar to jogging other cardio activities.  After reading an article online about how go-karting can burn 40% more calories than jogging, I decided to try it for myself and see if I could drop some pounds.


The first week, I was able to drop around a half a pound, and the second week my body finally realized what I was doing and made up for lost time – I lost nearly five pounds. During both weeks, I changed nothing with my food intake – I ate pizza, pasta, hamburgers, mexican food, but some “healthier” items as well such as a daily Greek yogurt in the morning and homemade turkey sandwich during lunch. So, the weight loss would be truly down to the difference go-karting made to my metabolism.


To catch up, click on the buttons below for either the Week One or Week Two posts.

Charging Full-Steam into the Second Half


With two weeks down, two to go, I was pumped for the progress I was hoping to make this week. Physically, I’ve been feeling fantastic. My forearms are definitely getting some more muscle definition, my biceps feel a bit stronger, and I overall feel like a have a ton more energy than before. Plus, my jeans are now starting to get a little loose, so I may need to start shopping for a smaller belt.

RS1 Kart Racing Glove

My RS1 Karting Gloves by K1 RaceGear are really holding up well. Aside from some sweat stains inside, all of its seams show no signs of fraying, and thanks to the overall black color, they look like they just came out of the packaging – despite having raced nearly five hours in them.


My runs this week were all on Track 1 in Irvine, rather than Track 2. The reason being that I feel it’s more representative of the tracks that are at other locations, in terms of length and style of corners, so I’ll have a similar experience to someone like you.


Food-wise, I haven’t been as conscious as I had planned to be. Maybe I double-think the occasional unhealthy snack or second helpings, but I’m still more or less eating the same, seeing that I’ve been able to achieve some great results so far without changing a thing.


What’s the Scale Reading Now?


Time to weigh in! Let’s check and see what the scale tells us:

k1 speed diet scale image 224.6

224.6! That means so far, I’ve lost nearly SEVEN POUNDS after nine days (4.5 hours) of go-karting! I’m averaging a weight loss that’s a little better than two pounds a week now. I would’ve been thrilled if I had lost 5 pounds by the end of the month, so this has gone so much better than expected.


This Has Been A Lot of Karting – Isn’t That Expensive?


Now I know many of you must be thinking, “For the money that’d cost, I’d hope he’s losing weight!” But remember, I’m doing these runs Monday through Thursday, when you can purchase three races (the equivalence of what I’m doing each day) for just $42. I’m certainly not expecting you all to do this every day, Monday through Thursday, but if you were to incorporate this once a week instead of that boutique spin or rowing class (that are so prevalent in Southern CA) , you’ll get a workout that’s even more stimulating, increases your concentration levels and reaction times, and gives your body something radically different for an extra challenge. When friends ask what you’ve been doing, they’re going to be a lot more envious of your answer than “I’m pedaling and not going anywhere!”.



What will the final week bring? I’m excited to find out. Be sure to stay tuned for the concluding post and video! You’re not going to want to miss it.


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