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Bend Press Release

 Butch and Kenny Roberts

K1 Speed Opening First US Franchise In Bend, Oregon with MotoGP Legends



April 29, 2019


K1 Speed – the world’s premier indoor karting operator – and MotoGP legends Kenny Roberts (1978-80 World Champion) and Kenny Roberts, Jr. (2000 World Champion) are delighted to announce the arrival of the company’s first US franchise scheduled to open this July in Bend, Oregon.


The Bend location will feature many of the same hallmarks that are found in over 40 K1 Speed locations across the globe: a professionally designed track, the latest European zero emission electric go karts, space for meetings, an eatery, and a museum-quality motorsport memorabilia collection.


The track will challenge both novices and experienced racers alike while behind the wheel of their all-electric karts imported from Italy. Racers who are four-feet-ten-inches or taller will enjoy the Adult Storm EFD karts which shoot to speeds up to 40mph in a matter of seconds, while younger racers who are at least four-feet tall will be able to enjoy the Junior karts that speed up to a respectable 25mph. Those looking for more of a challenge will be able to enjoy riding in a shifter kart, available at only a handful of K1 Speed locations around the world.


This location will also host GLO-Karting on select evenings – an exciting glow-in-the-dark kart racing experience.


Off-track, a Paddock Lounge café will serve a selection of food and beverages, including local beer and wine that can be consumed once racing has concluded.

For over 15 years, K1 Speed has been the preferred choice for the world’s largest corporations for team building and other company events, and for thousands of parents looking to provide their child with a birthday party they’ll never forget. This location will no doubt become the number one entertainment destination in the city of Bend and Central Oregon region upon opening and will provide memorable events for both adults and children.


Besides the attractive, upscale furnishings that round out the K1 Speed experience, the location will have a motorsport memorabilia collection on display, accented by race-driven motorcycles by the Roberts family.


KENNY ROBERTS, JR (2000 MotoGP Champion, Co-Owner of K1 Speed Bend):

“I’m extremely excited to be part of the K1 Speed family and franchise. My passion for go kart racing began when I was training to become world champion.”


“Once you achieve that type of level on a motorcycle, you tend to keep a safety margin during training to prevent injury from a minor fall, which would take you out of contention. So go karting was a great way for me to work on my reflexes and motor skills while keeping the risk low for injury – if you make a simple mistake on a go kart, you spin out and keep going with no problem.


“When I had the idea to open up a karting place, I was originally interested in K1 Speed. Coincidentally, a friend of mine introduced me to someone who then led me to Founder and CEO David Danglard.


“Since then, we have been working flat out to get this done. While it’s been extremely challenging for myself, my local partners – Butch Roberts and Matt Wessels, and my management team to get this running in such a short amount of time, it’s been well worth it to bring something exciting like this to Bend. And not only for the casual consumer! We are excited to offer karting to the many athletes and champions that reside in this wonderful city.”


DAVID DANGLARD (Founder & CEO of K1 Speed):


“We’re really excited to open our first US franchise location, and it’s even better that we’re doing it with a couple of MotoGP icons like the Roberts family. Together, they’ve won the prestigious MotoGP Championship four times, so we don’t expect anything other than their #1 winning ways when it comes to the operation of this very special K1 Speed location.”



Founded in 2003, K1 Speed is the world’s largest indoor kart racing operator with over 40 locations that offer a unique upscale entertainment concept for casual consumers, racing enthusiasts and corporate or group events.


K1 Speed is the first choice for anyone who wants to experience genuine racing in state-of-the-art zero emission electric karts that are eco-friendly and safety oriented, while providing superior performance to traditional gas karts.


Each K1 Speed location is designed as a large entertainment venue with professionally designed tracks and cutting-edge décor showcasing authentic racing memorabilia along with ample seating and viewing areas, spacious lobbies, meeting rooms and a place to eat and drink.


Its International Franchise started in 2016 to meet the international demand for a K1 Speed location. Recently, France joined the US, Mexico, South Korea, Canada, China and Puerto Rico as the seventh country with at least one K1 Speed location. Panama, Italy, and Kuwait are lined up to open in 2019, while many other countries have signed up and are currently in the planning phase.


The US Franchise is expected to be just as successful as the international franchise, with locations in Pennsylvania and Virginia already in the planning phases.



Ryan Jurnecka
[email protected]