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Bend Oregon Location indoor kart racing

Indoor Karting Bend


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  One challenging tracks

  Adult and Junior electric karts

  Paddock Lounge restaurant

  Nightclub-style lighting

  Meeting room with A/V connections


Arrive & Drive







Indoor Go Kart Racing Bend, Oregon

In addition to our Hillsboro location, we also have an indoor go-kart racing location in Bend to meet your needs. Our K1 Speed Oregon locations are world-class entertainment venues that are designed to keep you entertained and engaged, whether you’re on or off the track. If you want to experience indoor karting yourself, are interested in hosting a fun and memorable party for a friend or loved one, or would like to plan a unique corporate function, we can help.

K1 Speed Bend is a fun thing to do near Deschutes, Redmond, Tumalo, and Alfalfa, and is located near popular Bend attractions such as Deschutes Brewery, Les Schwab Amphitheater and the High Desert Museum.

Indoor Go Kart Racing – The K1 Speed Difference

So what makes K1 Speed unique? Well, where do we start?! First off, every one of our locations, located throughout the United States from Southern California to Southern Florida, is entirely self-contained. Our indoor go-kart racing locations, including our Bend, OR location, allow individuals to race every day of the year, regardless of weather. Rain, snow, sleet, or blistering heat, driving enthusiasts can come to K1 Speed, escape the weather, and start racing!


The other difference that sets K1 Speed apart from the competition, and the feature that we have grown and built our reputation on, is our use of 100-percent, all-electric karts. Forget about the lawn mower-powered go-karts of your youth. Our European-style electric karts are high-performance machines, producing tremendous torque and horsepower from advanced electric motors. These zero-emission karts outperform their gas-powered counterparts while being better for the environment, quieter, and arguably, easier to drive. With our karts, you don’t have to worry about stalling the engine or dropping out of the power band in a tight corner – our electric motors produce maximum torque at all speeds! Race wheel-to-wheel at speeds approaching 45 mph on an indoor track!

Special Events and Corporate Packages

We offer far more than just our Arrive and Drive racing package. Regardless of your needs, we have them met. We have a number of packages to choose from, including:

If you are interested in planning a party at our indoor go-kart racing location in Bend, Oregon, we can help. We offer catering options, private room rentals, and custom race packages. Schedule an event today – you won’t regret it!

It was a lot of fun, but definitely could have been better. We constantly had our carts slowed down electronically while the couple of other competitors who were racing with us did not and we were told to let them pass. How can you let someone pass if you are racing and you have your foot to the floor? The competitiveness of the others was a bit beyond as they slammed both of my kids into the wall, so much so that my daughter got a headache and my sons knee was slammed into the cart and hurt for a few hours, where he was limping. Definitely could separate the groups better. All-in-all it was enjoyable but my wife was glad I started in front of the whole family as she thought I would get into a fight for how the others treated my kids...She would have been correct if I had seen it.
Jeffrey Mertins
Jeffrey M.
19:26 20 Nov 20
Very fun and VERY competitive
Abigayle Mertins
Abigayle M.
00:06 20 Nov 20
I’ve been to a lot of K1 Speed locations throughout the country and surprisingly, this was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had.The staff was knowledgeable, super friendly, and overall excellent. The track area itself was also exceptionally maintained and super clean, which is very important during these COVID plagued times.I gotta say, at first I was worried because this is one of the smaller track layouts, but that worry quickly went away once I realized that you feel the speed of the carts MUCH more on a smaller track than on a larger one.Next time I’m in Bend, I’ll definitely be coming back here!
Marko Nikolic
Marko N.
03:01 10 Nov 20
So much fun, will be going back soon!!
Myths of the World
Myths of the W.
23:51 01 Nov 20
For the simple meaning is fantastic fun and exciting. On another note my lil clutch slipped outta my hand on the way out to the car, and they picked it up on a lot check. To my surprise everything was still in it.
Jamie Claxton
Jamie C.
19:33 18 Oct 20
pleasant atmosphere and very effective methods of getting multiple parties to race in a timely manner
A Day
A D.
07:07 27 Sep 20
Awsome place! I didn't know how hard racing was till I came here. The staff is nice and they understand the necessity of mask and what not. Very satisfied and my family is too!
Jess lancer
Jess L.
03:40 21 Sep 20
Best place I've been. Fast carts and I guess they get faster. I love the food and drinks its nice for between races. My kids love it too
Jack Bider
Jack B.
21:09 20 Sep 20
Very good place. I loved it
Shatheid gallo
Shatheid G.
04:14 20 Sep 20
This place is great fast cars and smooth track. Truly fantastic. Now it only needs drift slicks!
Caleb Stephenson
Caleb S.
03:30 20 Sep 20
So much fun to be had here
Mandy Frost
Mandy F.
22:57 18 Sep 20
Everyone is very good at their job and making sure you enjoy yourself. I'm a very frequent regular and they get me all good to go before I even sit down. Overall one of my favorite places
caleb Stephenson
caleb S.
05:34 16 Aug 20