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Introducing the 12 Hours of Canton Endurance Kart Race!

Canton Endurance Race

The 12 Hours of Canton: A Premier Indoor Kart Endurance Race


Introducing the next great North American karting endurance event: the 12 Hours of Canton. This race is going to test the mettle of any go kart racer, no matter how many races they’ve got under their belt.


The distance will be long. The prizes will be huge. The thrill of victory will be immeasurable.

What is the 12 Hours of Canton?


The Race Format


The week prior to the 12-hour race, teams will elect a Team Captain who will set a qualifying time to determine the starting grid position.


The race itself will see up to 8 teams race for 12 hours around the indoor track at K1 Speed Canton. The team that completes the most distance (laps) in those 12 hours will be crowned the winner.


This event is so big, we’re even going to live stream this for anyone to watch (details to be announced)!


What Are the Prizes for Winning?


The top 3 teams that finish the race with the most laps will win the following cash prizes:

1st: $1,800

2nd: $900

3rd: $450


When Is the Race?


The 12 Hours of Canton will be held on Friday, March 15th, 2024 from 12:00pm (noon) to 12:00am (midnight).


Who Can Race in the 12 Hour Endurance?


To compete in the 12 Hours of Canton, drivers must:


  • Be eligible to drive adult karts under K1 Speed rules and regulations (4’10” or taller and be able to operate the functions of the kart safely)


  • Have a lap time of less than 27 seconds recorded on the standard indoor track


How Many People Can I Have on My Team?


There is NO LIMIT to how many racers you can have your team, however do recommend up to 10 drivers. There is a minimum of two drivers for each team.


How Much Does it Cost to Enter?


The cost per team is $1,800. Team sponsors are encouraged!


How Do I Sign Up?


We have filled our grid so no further sign ups are available at this time. Keep a look out for future endurance races at K1 Speed Canton!

Watch Some Action From Our Previous Event!

footage of the 12 hours of canton livestream

Check out the recorded live stream from our previous event to get an idea of how the 12 Hours of Canton looks/runs! Hit the button below!


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