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5 Quick Tips for the Perfect Lap

Looking to improve your times? Here are some quick tips on the “perfect lap” from K1 Speed Karting Academy instructor, Patricio Jourdain.

1. Always look at where you want to be, not at where you are. This will get you to your next reference faster. Turn your head before you turn the wheel. (Example: Turn in point to Apex)

2. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. A good race car driver needs to know what is happening, not only in front of you, but on your sides and behind you.

3. When you are going to use the max out of your brakes, make sure your 4 tires are straight so you do not loose control of the rear end of your kart. You can be going in a diagonal line and still have the tires straight and maximize your brakes then.

4. When the flag marshal shows you the blue flag, this means you have a faster or several faster karts behind you. If the upcoming corner is to the right, the slower driver should stay on the left hand side so the faster drivers can overtake you on the right, and the opposite if the upcoming turn is to the left. Meaning slower drivers stay on the outside line while the faster drivers take the inside line.

5. Hold the steering wheel tight enough that you will be able to steer, but not too tight that your arms might get tired quicker. Relax your hands on the straightaways, but never let it go fully.

Interested in learning more? We offer a race class for beginners and a racing class for advanced competitors – are a great way to learn more about karting and motorsport.



If you would like to get involved with the sport of karting or are interested in improving your lap times with more advanced racing techniques, we would be happy to help.

  • brad

    does k1 still do the special offer of 100 races for 500 dollars

    • Staff Writer

      Please speak with your local center’s manager about this special offer.

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