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Celebrating our Co-Founder on International Women’s Day

k1 speed's cofounder stands in a race suit and gives a peace sign with text reading "international womens day"

Today is International Women’s Day, so we’d certainly be remiss if we didn’t give a special shout-out to our Co-Founder/Owner – Susan Danglard.

From Fashion to the Fast Lane


A passionate racing fan since she was 16 years old, Susan always wanted to work in the racing industry. After a very successful stint in the fashion industry, Susan and her partner sold their denim business and their house to make the dream of K1 Speed come true. The rest, as they say, is history. Though it certainly hasn’t been an easy journey.


International Women’s Day 2022 Theme


The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “#BreaktheBias” which encourages society to challenge the and call out gender bias and inequality.  Throughout her career, Susan has faced adversity due to her gender but has never let that be a deterrent, only motivation.


“Well, racing is a male-dominated sport,” says Susan. “So many people were surprised to see a woman as the co-founder of K1 Speed when we first started and, unfortunately, sometimes even today. But I’ve never let their judgment or whatever preconceived notions they have affect me. I’ve simply answered any critics and skeptics by doing a damn good job and making our company the best it can be. I think my work has spoken for itself.”


Almost 20 years later, Susan is still an integral part of our company’s day-to-day operations. As co-owner, she’s been instrumental to the massive growth of K1 Speed – from a single Carlsbad location to an international entertainment destination with 40 locations around the world.


While many other co-owners would prefer to take a backseat and enjoy the fruits of their labor, Susan still tirelessly works long work days, seven days a week, to ensure K1 Speed remains at the top of the heap of the entertainment and attractions industry.


“This really doesn’t feel like a job, it’s more of a lifestyle,” says Susan. “I couldn’t be this invested in K1 Speed if I didn’t have a passion for it. When you love what you do, good results follow.”


Please join us in wishing Susan Danglard a very happy International Women’s Day, and to all of the many amazing women that work at K1 Speed!

Give your Regards to Susan Below!
  • Scott McCurry

    I have the pleasure working for Susan. She is truly a great leader that lives and breathes K1Speed. Her goal is to make K1Speed the #1 indoor go karting company in the world and she won’t stop working hard and leading her Team until it is accomplished!

    • JD Duncan

      I have worked with Susan putting the TV buys in action since the very first location here in. Carlsbad, Ca. She is a pleasure to work with when I am fortunate enough to meet with her in between her busy schedule. I think I vote her Woman of the Decade, keep racing Susan your the best!
      JD TCB/ media a TV buying service

  • Barbara Kennedy

    Hi and Congratulations to one of the brightest, most dynamic, persuasive, beautiful inside and outside, hard working, knowledgeable, generous and fun loving people I know.

    I am soooooo very happy for you to have achieved this great success, and at the same time also raising your children to be wonderful, smart, determined, strong, successful and always maintain high standards in all that they do.

    LOVE YOU SO MUCH And SO PROUD OF YOU are just 2 phrases that come to mind when I think of you.


    Xoxo B

  • Valerie Danglard

    super Susan,bravo for all.we work together with the french k1SPEED LYON SINCE 2018!

  • Robert Graver

    Amazing accomplishment !!
    Motivated, Driven, her whole life
    Built for success ???
    An to top it off an amazing mom of two incredible children???

  • Erik Franklin


  • Mary-Anne Elkington

    When Susan gets out of Bed ,,, The World knows that she’s up and straight at it !

    A Gorgeous, Passionate,Intelligent Woman who knows what she wants and with a committed and Dedicated Personal Ethic,she works hard to accomplish what she sets her sights on. She is truly a force of Nature and a Wonderful person too .

    I Love Knowing Her!

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