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10 Extreme & Cool Go Karts You’ll Want for Your Garage

Cool & Extreme Go Kart Replicas

We’ve collected 10 of the coolest and most extreme go karts in the world today. These karts are gorgeous and perfect for the child in your life, even if that child is living in your adult body. Take a look at the list below and tell us what your favorite kart is!

1. ’69 Ferrari 330 P2 Le Mans


Made by De La Chapelle, a respected French master replica maker, this 2/3 scale version of the famous Ferrari endurance racer is powered by a 2.5hp Honda engine and is capable of going to speeds up to around what our junior kart manages, 25 miles per hour. The body is fiberglass over a steel chassis, and features a key start, functional headlights, indicators, tachometer and speedometer. Ciao bella.


Sold at Mecum’s 2017 Monterey auction for $30,000

2. 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Mille Miglia


You don’t have to be as great as the late Sir Stirling Moss to get behind the wheel of the famous #722, but you might need to be around his size. Almost as rare as the real deal, this cool go kart is one of nine, and hand built in the United Kingdom. The chassis is steel, and the body is a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). The hood and trunk open, and you’ll be able to spot the 50cc engine with a centrifugal clutch. This mini racer also features cast brass chrome work, disc brakes, a hand-stitched leather interior, 4-spoke aluminum steering wheel, and switch-mounted lights. Just don’t try to recreate the battle scars the real #722 endured during the ’55 Mille Miglia.


Sold at Mecum’s 2017 Monterey auction for $20,000

3. 1969 McLaren M8B Can-Am


Few Can-Am racers stand out like the McLarens, and this half-size extreme go kart is almost just as striking. Built by Casey Putsch, a competitive racer, designer and restorer, this little M8B swaps the big-block Chevy V8 engine for a four-stroke overhead valve engine in addition to a cro-moly tublar frame, hydraulic disc brakes, and a suede steering wheel. It can supposedly fit a driver as tall as 6’1, which is probably better than the original.


eBay listing ended at $8,800 “by seller because the item is no longer available”

4. Porsche 936 Replica


This half-scale go-kart replica of the “Jules” Porsche 936 driven to victory at the 1981 Le Mans by Jacky Ickx and Derek Bell. Only 50 to 100 of these cool go karts were made for Porsche dealerships back in the day. It features a custom fiberglass body, functional turn signals, low and high beam headlights for flashing traffic, an adjustable rear spoiler, leather seat, alloy wheels, rear disc brakes, and spring suspension. A three-speed gearbox was mated to a Briggs and Stratton engine capable of 32 mph – unfortunately, slower than one of our all-electric karts.


Sold for $23,618 at the Bonhams Les Grandes Marques du Monde au Grand Palais auction

5. Ferrari 312T2 Go-Kart


As the story goes, this half-scale go kart was launched at the ’77 Bologna auto show and impressed Niki Lauda so much, he bought one for his son. This is one of only five original examples that were produced by Italy Car before they went out of business, so they’re just about as rare as an original Ferrari 312 T2. It’s appropriately powered by a Ducati single cylinder 2-stroke engine with a centrifugal clutch mated with a two-speed gearbox, MOMO steering wheel, dual rear hydraulic disc brakes, four-wheel independent suspension, functional gauges, working rain light, fiberglass body, and push button starter. Even the Goodyear tires were made specifically for this car. Unlike the 935, this go-kart can supposedly go 45mph, just like our Adult karts.


Estimated by Bonhams to reach $46,000 to $70,000, but did not sell/meet reserve.

6. Ferrari F40 Go Kart


For the discriminating child in your life, consider this Ferrari F40 go kart replica. Many of these go-kart replicas have a story, as you’ve read here, and this one is no different. Supposedly commissioned for the opening event of a Russian Ferrari dealership, this extreme go kart was built in Germany by the same people who produce the wind tunnel models for Ferrari. Sadly, the engine in this replica wasn’t the last one overseen by Mr. Ferrari himself, but in its place is an 80cc Honda engine that can reportedly reach speeds in excess of 50mph. Fancy driving a Honda Ferrari F40? If it performs as good as it looks, then DEFINITELY.


Previously for sale in an ad in Hemmings for $25,000

7. Lamborghini Countach


You gotta love 80s excess. When FAO Schwartz and Neiman Marcus released this mini Lambo to rich spoiled brats the world in 1987, it went from anywhere between $14,500 to more than $50,000 depending on which article you read online. It was built by Agostini and features a 400cc Briggs & Stratton engine, auto trans, electronic ignition, MOMO steering wheel, functional lights and signals, independent suspension, and rear disc brakes. It tops out around 30mph, but when you’re inches off the ground and your head’s sticking out above the windshield, it probably feels a whole lot faster.


One recently sold in 2011 by Barrett-Jackson for $12,320

8. Autosport Designs F1 Go Kart 


Just look at how gorgeous this 2/3(!) scale replica of a 60s Lotus F1 car is. But it not only looks gorgeous at glance, just wait till you hear about everything this little go-kart replica features.


Powering the car is a 120cc 3-stroke mid mounted air-cooled single cylinder engine with an OHC, electric start, and electronic ignition. The semi-auto gearbox comes with your choice of 3 forward gears plus reverse or skip the reverse for an extra forward gear. There’s also a limited slip differential, fully adjustable and independent suspension, dual circuit (and bias adjustable) hydraulic brakes, four disc brakes with four pot calipers on each corner, powder coated steel chassis, four adjustable shock absorbers, adjustable pedal box so adults can squeeze in as well (max height 5’11”), stainless steel twin exhaust, stainless steel roll hoop, alloy wheels, a composite body painted in 2k DuPont auto paint, and a removable, stainless steel steering wheel with an aluminum quick release hub.


If all these features weren’t incredible enough, this extreme go kart also features custom-made cross ply tires to give proper 60s handling characteristics. If the classic Lotus racing colors don’t do it for you, you can choose to have it painted in two other classic liveries: Gulf or Martini Racing. Think it’s time we channel our inner Jim Clark/Graham Hill.


Similar models sell for around $20,000.

9. Lola 506 Go Kart


Back in the late 70s, a man named David B. Lockton and famed racing team owner Carl Haas (of Newman-Haas Racing) approached British race car manufacturers Lola to build a series of ¾ scale IndyCar/F1-inspired cars to use at family fun center go kart tracks. The result was the gorgeous Lola 506 go kart.


These cool go karts were powered by a 294cc Sachs single rotor Wankel engine that produced 28hp at 6000 rpm. The car was capable of reaching up to 72mph on an open straight. But for commercial go kart use, they were tuned down to 40-45mph. The chassis was a fully triangulated, tubular space frame and featured fully independent front and rear suspension, rack-and-pinion steering, and even a leather-wrapped steering wheel from Lola’s F5000 cars.


They were briefly used at places like Indy Raceways of California and the infamous Action Park before fading from the public limelight. These days, they tend to pop up now and again online. And if you’re a proud owner, let us know. We want to drive one.


Originally sold for $6,000 – about the same price as today for a used one.

shot of K1 Speed Storm electric go kart, used as head image in gas kart vs electric kart blog

10. K1 Speed Storm Go Kart


Saving the best for last, the K1 Speed Storm go kart is the coolest and most extreme commercial go kart in existence. This battery-powered Italian go kart is 100% electric, which means you’re not sucking in harmful exhaust fumes while racing. And because the go kart is electric, the batteries provide you with instant torque – or power – as soon as you step on the pedal. And that’s not all. The top speed of this “electro kart” is a handy 45mph, making it the fastest indoor go kart in the industry.


Now there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that this go kart is strictly commercial, so you won’t be able to buy one for personal use. But unlike the other karts on this list, the Storm Kart is cheap to drive and easy to find.


You can race a Storm go kart at most of our 40+ K1 Speed locations worldwide. Get started by clicking the button below!

Which extreme and cool go kart would you love to drive? Let us know in the comments section below!


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