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Design-a-Kart Kontest: See the Karts!

graphic for the design a kart contest at k1 speed

The Winners of our 1st Design-a-Kart Kontest!

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Winner: Alexis, 4th Grade, Irvine

the kindergarten through 5th grade design winner with flame livery
the k through 5th grade design a kart winner in her designed kart

6th Grade – 8th Grade

Winner: Sofia, 7th Grade, Anaheim

the 6th grade through 8th grade design a kart winner - a sprinkles livery
the 6-8th grade winner in the k1 speed design a kart contest in her designed "donut" kart

High School

Winner: Jesus, 9th Grade, Irvine

design-a-kart high school winner with a skull livery
the high school winner from the design a kart kontest in his designed kart


Winner: Andrew, University, San Diego

design-a-kart university winner - eye livery
the university winner stands next to the kart he designed for the design a kart contest

Congratulations to the winners! We intentionally hid the locations of our entries so that we could choose the best design without thinking of where they were located. Therefore, we were surprised to see that all the winners we selected were from Southern California – two from the same location!


Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest! We’ll be giving the other 120+ students who entered ONE FREE RACE as our way of thanking them for their participation. We loved seeing everyone’s designs!


Stay tuned for more exciting design contests coming in the near future!

Win the Chance To Drive a Kart With Your Design On It!

Want to design the colors of your own go kart at K1 Speed? Well, now you have the chance! Introducing our Design-a-Kart Kontest!


And since it’s back-to-school season, we thought we’d open this contest to all the students out there.  If you win, you’ll not only have the chance to drive the go kart you designed at your local K1 Speed location, but you’ll get a $150 gift card to Staples for school supplies! Read on to learn how you can enter this fun art competition.

So, How Does This Work?

Step 1:


Download our kart template (scroll down) and print it out at home (or save it to your computer if using a design program). 


Step 2:


Fill in the blank areas of the kart template with your own, original design.


Step 3:


Email a high-quality photo or scan of your design in JPG or PNG format to [email protected]. Be sure to use “Design-a-Kart Kontest” as your subject line.




Mail in your completed template to:

Design-a-Kart Kontest

Attn: Marketing

17221 Von Karman Ave 

Irvine, CA 92614


**Either way you enter, please include an email we can contact you at, the name of the artist, age, grade level, and your nearest K1 Speed location**

How Long Do I Have To Design?

The contest begins NOW and lasts until Friday, August 27, 2021. This means we must have your artwork in our office either digitally or physically by that date.


Four (4) Grand Prize Winners Will Win The Following:

  • Their design on a go kart at their local K1 Speed for 30 days
  • Five (5) free races in their designed kart* 
  • One (1) $150 Staples gift card for school supplies


*Racers must meet height requirement. Our junior kart (template used for Kindergarten -5th grade) requires a minimum height of 48″ to drive. Our adult kart (template used for grades 6 through University) requires a minimum height of 58″ (4’10”). 

Judging Criteria

Designs will be judged by K1 Speed based on the following criteria:


  1. Creativity and originality 
  2. Quality of the composition and overall design
  3. Overall impression of the design

Break Out Those Art Supplies!

So there you have it! It’s as simple as that. Download your template, give it a cool design, and send it our way for a chance to win! Now, get designing!

Design Templates For Download

Official Rules, Terms & Conditions

  • Kingston Meekins

    Sweet! Excited to enter, hope I win!

  • nancy coppi

    the template says 2019 – will there be a new one?

    • K1 Speed Staff Writer

      Hey Nancy!
      The outline of the template was revised in 2019 and is the current one used on the karts throughout the company. This is the most up-to-date-version.

  • Katie S.

    Are we allowed to enter if we JUST graduated high school? Since it says it’s open to students, and I don’t count as a student anymore I’m not quite sure.

    • Staff Writer

      Hello Katie! We’re sorry, but we’re looking for students currently enrolled at a school. Keep an eye out for our other promotions, though!

  • Zach

    Can I design my own number?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Zach! We have blacked out the number plate part of the template since we won’t know exactly which kart your design will be going on until it’s time to put it on.

  • Reynaldo Lopez

    I am ready to win! I race for the thrill of it. In it to win it! all gas no brakes.

  • Bob

    Is it a drawing contest

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Bob! Yes, this is an art contest, so it can include a drawing aspect. But you can paint, you can use your computer, or whatever else to come up with a livery for the go kart. You just need to fill out the blank parts of the go kart in the template on this page. Thanks!

  • Murphy Phillips

    Where will they show who have won?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Murphy! We’ll announce the winners on this page by September 10!

  • brock buchert

    when are they going to a nonce the winers

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Brock, we’ll announce the winners here by September 10th!

  • Davian

    It would be awesome to show all the submissions!
    Maybe Instagram?

    • Staff Writer

      Good idea, Davian, but we had A BUNCH of entries (120+)!

  • Alberto M.

    I know many people can be very creative and have amazing drawing skills, but I went with a more direct approach when designing the kart decals, since I figured it out that the design would not be visible to people far away, I decided to use a minimalistic design and bright colors so people could spot your car from a distance and see you are driving a totally different kart Design! Are you considering more on Creative designs or “Practical designs” that fit the kart and audience from far away? Just would like to know!

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Alberto! Ideally, it’s a blend of both: very creative but also designs that stand out from a distance. Thanks for entering!

  • Antoine faulkner

    When will the next one be in 2022?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Antoine! We’ll probably do it right around “Back to School” time, so late summer/early fall again.

  • Atticus moffat

    I was wondering if you are still doing the contest and if I could do it in thousand oaks

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Atticus! Unfortunately this contest ended. But it may be brought back again in the future!

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