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Introducing the 2020 GoPro Challenge GP Season!

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Introducing the GoPro Challenge GP series – all-new for the 2020 season!


New “Championship within a Championship”


At all United States locations (yes, even our franchise in Bend), we will run a quarterly “championship within a championship” during the GoPro Challenge GP 2020 season. The driver who scores the most points every 3 rounds will win a GoPro Hero8 Black camera (a $399 value)!


Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Oh, so that guy who always wins will now win 4 GoPros this year?” NOPE! He might win one (if he’s still as good), but there will be no repeat winners. This means 4 different racers will win a GoPro Hero8 at every location. If someone who won a camera already scores the most points in a 3-race period, then the camera will be awarded to the second-highest points finisher. As we get later in the year, we’ll keep moving down the points order until someone who hasn’t won is selected. This means you don’t have to dominate to win one for yourself! Just show up and do your best (preferably finish in the top-3 for your best chance).


Other New Change for the 2020 GoPro Challenge GP Season


The other new change for the 2020 Challenge GP season despite the name change and GoPro goodies, is the age requirement. The GoPro Challenge GP requires that all racers are at least 18 years of age or older. If you do not meet this age requirement, look into our Teen/Junior League that’s also held once a month (with the exception of January). Here’s information about our Teen/Junior League.


Why Race in the GoPro Challenge GP?


The GoPro Challenge GP is a local kart racing series that usually brings out the experienced, die-hard racers that want to put themselves to the test against other racers that are passionate about karting. Plus, the final race is for position on the track – something you don’t typically do when you Arrive & Drive.


If you’ve ever thought about competing in motorsport, our Challenge GP series is a great way to get your feet wet and see if you’re up for the..well..challenge! We make it easy for you – you don’t have to buy the go-kart and pay for its maintenance, don’t have to buy a trailer, don’t have to purchase helmets, suits, boots, gloves, etc, don’t have to pay a host of track fees – just so you can race on the track with other people.


At K1 Speed, all you have to pay is $50 and we’ll provide the rest. We’ll provide the helmet, the go-karts, and the track so you can just arrive, register, and go wheel-to-wheel on the track.


How is the GoPro Challenge GP Structured?


  • 14-Lap Qualifier 1
  • 14-Lap Qualifier 2
  • 16-Lap Final Race


The GoPro Challenge GP mimics a real racing weekend, condensed in a single-evening format. You’ll experience two 14-lap qualifying sessions, providing you with a total of 28 laps for you to find that magic lap time. You’ll then line up on the grid for the final 16-lap race for position (two laps more than Arrive & Drive) based on the quickest time you set in either qualifying session. Once you’re grid up, the track master will wave the green flag and you’ll be off to battle your peers for the top step of the podium!


What will the GoPro Challenge GP teach me?


When you participate in a Challenge GP race, you’ll learn racecraft. This means you’ll learn how to properly size up your opponent – waiting for that window where you can find a line past the driver in front of you. When not attacking, you may very well be defending. Defending during a race is different than trying to set a fastest lap – your whole goal here is to ensure a driver cannot get by you, so you’re going to want to take some unconventional lines. Sure, your lap times may be slower, but it’ll help keep your position, and that’s the most important thing when racing for position.


Make sure you use your GoPro during your Challenge GP race sessions – you can study your fastest laps and see what you did correctly. You can also analyze your overtaking attempts and study the behavior of your competition for next time.



So start your competitive karting career Sunday, January 5 at 7:00pm at your local K1 Speed location and show us what you’ve got!

  • Monte

    So when will we be able to film our regular laps?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey Monte! At this time, we have no plans to allow GoPro use during Arrive & Drive racing. Thank you for your interest!

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