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Grow A Mo Like A Pro For Movember

Men are dying seven years earlier than women on average, with many men dying much younger due to testicular cancer, prostate cancer, mental health issues and suicide. That’s why a couple of guys from Australia created the Movember Foundation in 2003 – the only charity that confronts men’s health issues all year round. Since their foundation, more than 1,200 men’s health projects have been funded thanks to millions of men growing enviable ‘staches while raising money.


This November, K1 Speed is doing their part to help contribute to Movember. On November 30, 25% of all Arrive & Drive sales nationwide will go to the Movember Foundation for the many projects they’re funding every day. But just showing up to drive is half the fun – we want to see the best Movember moustaches you can grow!


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For a little inspiration, let’s take a look at our five favorite moustaches in the history of motorsport:

Graham Hill – The Pencil
A cross between Dick Dastardly and Clark Gable, Graham Hill looked dapper in and out of the cockpit with his stylish pencil moustache. Not many can rock this look like Graham did, but then again not many can win the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Indy 500, and the Monaco GP either (he’s the only one).

Bobby Rahal – The Chevron
Looking more like an accountant than a champion Indycar driver, Bobby Rahal used to don large bifocals and sport a proper chevron moustache. Today, he’s undergone Lasik surgery and converted his mo to a small goatee, but for all fans of 90’s Indycar, Rahal’s ‘stache is forever cemented in their memory.

Dale Earnhardt – The Walrus
He was called “The Intimidator” for his legendary racing skills, but we like to think Dale Earnhardt’s walrus ‘stache only helped the intimidation factor. A true walrus moustache as it almost completely covers Earnhardt’s mouth, we can’t imagine how he ever looked without it – and we’re just fine with that.

Harald Ertl – The Handlebar
Harald Ertl may not be as well-known as the other mustached drivers on this list, but no one can deny he had serious facial hair game. Never mind the full beard, his handlebar moustache could grab the steering wheel itself with its strength. Like many who partake in Movember, Ertl was a hero who helped save a man’s life when he was one of four drivers to help pull Niki Lauda from his burning car at the Nurburgring in 1976.

Richard Petty – The Horseshoe, Pyramidal
While known as a legend of professional stock car racing, “The King” was also the king of moustache growers. From the horseshoe to the pyramidal, and even the classic chevron, Petty knew and still knows that any man should not be confined to just one kind of ‘stache – so explore your moustache horizons!

Whose moustache will be your influence for Movember? Share pictures of your racing-inspired moustache with us! Is there a driver with a ‘stache worthy of your top 5? Let us know!


For more motorsport moustaches, check out our video here by clicking here.


For more information on The Movember Foundation, visit https://us.movember.com.


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