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Our Popular Holiday Gift Card Promo is Back!

Santa Gift Cards

This promotion has ended. Thank you to everyone who took advantage of our offer!

Happy New Year!

The holiday season is here! To celebrate, we’re bringing back our very popular holiday gift card promo!


K1 Speed’s Holiday Gift Card Promo


For a limited time**, you’ll receive a FREE BONUS GIFT CARD with the purchase of a gift card online OR at your nearest location! Here’s how this works:

Buy a gift card worth…

  • $50, get a FREE $10 Gift Card
  • $75, get a FREE $15 Gift Card
  • $100, get a FREE $20 Gift Card


As you can see, the larger the gift card, the bigger the reward!


Give the Gift of Speed


Our gift cards* are an excellent holiday gift idea for the K1 Speed fan or racing fan in your life. They never expire, so the recipient can visit their local K1 Speed and redeem them anytime they feel like it. So whether they’re looking for an adrenaline rush with friends or just need to blow off steam from a tough week at school or work, a K1 Speed gift card will certainly come in handy. If you already got the racing fan in your life a present, take advantage of this offer now, and gift it for their birthday later!


Here’s another idea: you can buy a gift card for a holiday gift and pocket the free one for yourself! Or keep the larger gift card for yourself and use the free one as a stocking stuffer. Or heck, keep BOTH for yourself – you’ve been a good person this year, haven’t you?


It doesn’t matter how you use the cards, just make sure you take advantage of this special holiday offer NOW before it hibernates for at least another year.

*Gift cards can only be redeemed starting the day after the purchase date. Gift cards cannot be used towards group events. 

**Offer expires 12/31/2023

Pilot 2 Kart Racing Shoes in black

Other Gifts for the Go Kart Racing Fan


Gift cards aren’t the only things that go kart racers want for Christmas. Hit the button below for K1 Speed’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide that includes racing gear and apparel that go kart racers wish for during the holiday season.

2023 Holiday Gift Guide
  • Dwayne Hershiser

    Where is this at ?

    • Staff Writer

      You can purchase the gift cards either online by clicking the button in this blog, or by visiting your local K1 Speed. Not sure where your nearest K1 Speed is? Visit our locations page by clicking here. Hope this helps!

  • Daniel Hsu

    This is always confusing for me. If I purchase five (5) $100 gift cards, I assume that I will receive five (5) $20 gift cards. Please confirm.

    • Staff Writer

      Your assumption is correct, Daniel!

  • Barbara Groskopf

    What does a $100 gift card get you?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Barbara, when you purchase a $100 gift card, you’ll get a bonus gift card worth $20!

  • Kris Kringle

    can I buy multiple gift cards and use them together with the bonus cards at one time? So buy 3 $100 cards, receive 3 $20 cards and use the $360 at one time for one group of 7 people?

    • Staff Writer

      Hey, Santa! Sorry, I mean, Mr. Kringle. Yes, you can use them towards Arrive & Drive racing for your group (not a dedicated group event)! HOWEVER you have to wait until the next day after the purchase to redeem them. You wouldn’t be able to buy them all then immediately and use them that same day. Hope this clears that up for you. Thanks for your interest!

  • Char Flohr

    So, if I buy 2 speed passes at 59.95 each, will I qualify for any bonus cards?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Char! The bonus cards only apply to our gift cards, not our online races/Speedpass. Sorry for any confusion!

  • Marc Bell

    If I send a gift card by email, will you send it immediately, or can I schedule delivery for a specific date (and time?)?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi, Marc! Great question. At the moment we only deliver the email immediately. However, you can always order at the date/time of your choice to work around that. Hope to introduce scheduling in the future! Thanks for your interest in our gift cards!

  • Bre Rey

    If I buy 3 races online, do they all have to be used on the same day?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Bre! You can use those three races whenever you want. Any unused races will be stored on your account for a future visit. Hope we see you soon at the track!

  • Connie Gryb

    Just purchased $50.00 gift card at Myrtle Beach and they told me this was a corporate promotion and they don’t honor that at the franchise level..What???

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Connie! Yes, I’m afraid they’re correct. As a franchise, our Myrtle Beach location can choose which promotions they want to opt into. We apologize for the inconvenience!

  • Go Mifune

    Can the gift cards be used for Teen Cup and Junior League?

    • Staff Writer

      Yes, gift cards can be used for Teen Cup and Junior League!

  • Sonia

    Are the promo gift cards applicable in Toronto?

    • K1 Speed Staff Writer

      Gift Cards for use in Canada will need to be purchased from the Canada website http://www.k1speed.ca

  • Rosemarie Franklin

    Can you use the bonus gift cards towards food offered at the facility?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Rosemarie! Yes, you can! Gift cards as good as cash at K1 Speed. See you at the track!

  • Max

    This still shows up in Nov 2023. Is this an ongoing promo or an old one that is no longer valid?

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Max, this is our post from last year. But there might be a refresh coming very soon..

  • Kay Kauffman

    I ordered gift cards a few days ago.. is there a way to track them (shipping) How long does it usually take to receive?

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Kay! Thank you for your gift card order. We’re sorry but our gift cards do not include tracking. Please allow 1-3 business days for physical gift card processing and up to 5-7 days for shipping. If your gift cards have not arrived in time for your gifting, you can request a refund. Just note: if we see the gift card has been used, they will no longer be refundable. Thank you!

  • Andito

    Will you honor gift cards labeled Driven Raceway

    • Staff Writer

      Sorry, Andito. We have nothing to do with Driven Raceway – we just took over the building space when they went out of business. Still hope we get to see you sometime, though!

  • Peter Park

    Where can I get the price for the race

    • Staff Writer

      Hi Peter! Just visit the page of the location you’re interested in and hit “Pricing”. See you at the track!

  • Delight

    how do I access the waiver so I can have the parents sign.??

    • Staff Writer

      Hello, Grandma! Our waivers are available at each center. See you at the track!

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